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The Lothric
Biographical information


Saturn (Rumored)


Dragon-like creature


Rumored to be hundreds of miles long

Eye color:

Said to be red

Notable info:

Rumored to be able to devour moons.



"As I was flying home I flew through the rings of Saturn to try and escape from the Crows, I saw a massive creature! It's jaw could devour moons! It's wings were so massive it could possibly blow away oceans! And as I stared at it flying it's eye opened... Red... Blood. Red. As I stared thoughts filled me, some I can't explain. You MUST believe me!"
— Werrak Orimph

The Lothric was seen supposedly by Werrak and it seems to cause insanity as the day after Werrak told Shepard-9 he went insane. Some more intel may be known about this creature later.