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The War When the Oath Formed


SIVA Crisis

The Battle of the Abyss


The Hive Infestation


The Musty Tunnels


Kulrok, the Defiant


The Abyss Defiants

The Dark Oath


Kulrok, the Defiant
Wrooth, the Defiant
Therynoth, Wretched Knight (Deceased)
Inerin, Ascendant Wizard (Deceased)
Thusoon (Deceased)

Krouth, Flame Prince
Wryime, the Dark
Yogroth, the Wretched
Thyoin, Lost Knight (Deceased)
Prongis, Ascendant Light (Deceased)


Thousands of Defiant Hive

Millions of Dark Oath Hive
Tomb Ships


Therynoth, Wretched Knight
Inerin, Ascendant Wizard
Over half of the Defiant Sect

Thyoin, Lost Knight
Prongis, Ascendant Knight
Thousands of Dark Oath Hive

Civilian casualties

House of Exile
A Fireteam of Guardians



Wrooth was a direct servant of Wryime until she realized how she was depriving her kin of tribute and went to her mate's brother, Kulrok the Defiant as her mate and slowly influenced him into betraying his brother and his own kin to form their own kin in plan to kill the Dark Oath.

The Battle[edit]

Once the Abyss Defiants were formed Kulrok assassinated the Wizard Umeruth, causing Wryime to tell her forces to kill all of Kulrok's kin and his supporters. The Forces met at the Ocean of Storms and began to fight in a war that lasted all of the SIVA Crisis until Krouth murdered Therynoth and caused the Defiants to surrender and be banished into the core of the moon until the Dark Oath was "erased from history".


After the banishment of the Defiants, the Dark Oath took over the Moon until their leaders where killed by The Guardian.