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The Arrow Adhesive destroyed, and the birth of the Arch Shadows. Button is also split in half.


Arrow Adhesive

Nexus Cleavage

  • Servan, Just Born
  • Nipghox, Soul Unclean
  • Alcazar, Old Color
  • Cignil, Siphoned Cold
  • Khimos, Lamp Unclosed
  • The remainder of Arrow Adhesive
  • Four fifths of the Nexus Cleavage
  • A large number of the Arrow Adhesive
  • Lost a third of the Nexus Cleavage
  • Cignil is reformed as a harpy

The Accidental Convergence was an accidental war between the Nexus Cleavage and the Arrow Adhesive. The Arrow Adhesive lost a large number of its forces prior to the Ascendence, which left them weak and easy to destroy. A member of the Arrow Adhesive accidentally activated a button which led to the Nexus Cleavage discovering their location.


After the unfortunate timing of the Ascendence, the Arrow Adhesive were forced to relocate to a more hidden location in fear of discovery by the Nexus Cleavage. Unfortunately, an unnamed Vex activated a button that unknowingly revealed their location to the rival empire. The Nexus Cleavage later initiated a full frontal assault against the Arrow Adhesive. Due to the sheer number that the Nexus Cleavage brought, the Arrow Adhesive was brought to ruin. During the attack, Cignil was heavily damaged and resorted to placing its chassis inside a harpy, in hopes for a replacement to be made.


The small remainder of the Arrow Adhesive were forced out of the Infinite Forest, but were able to hide in a cave in Nessus. Unknowingly, the Ohian Formation was also there, and a skirmish ensued, until the Ohian Formation made a compromise. Later that very day, the Arrow Adhesive and the Ohian Formation were no more, and instead became a bigger force known as the Arch Shadows.