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The Ascendence




The Infinite Forest


Siege failed, and end of the Enforcers


Arrow Adhesive


  • Servan, Just Born
  • Nipghox, Soul Unclean
  • Iphox, Mind Awoken
  • Gloron, Forever Bloodlusted
  • Braccus Kahn
  • The entirety of the Arrow Adhesive
  • The Enforcers and fleet
  • Lost a third of the Arrow Adhesive
  • End of Iphox, Mind Awoken
  • End of the Enforcers, including commanders and fleet
"I really need a break from this."
— An unnamed member of the Enforcers

The Ascendence was a war that took place in the Arrow Adhesive's hideout.


The Enforcers, with the mission to find any Vex, were able to find an area that was cloaked, and so were able to hide from the angered Nexus Cleavage. Unfortunately, the Arrow Adhesive was also there, and attacked the Enforcers out of shock and fear. Led by Braccus Kahn, the powerful group of Cabal attacked the Arrow Adhesive back. The Enforcers were able to gain more ground and push the Arrow Adhesive back, but Iphox, Mind Awoken, found a solution to defeat them. Using the cloaking technology and it's chassis, it imploded itself, causing a powerful surge of Light to wipe out a large number of the Enforcers, and gave the Arrow Adhesive the advantage, but at the cost of its life. This resulted in a massacre rather than a fight, as the Enforcers gave up fighting and tried to escape. No Cabal escaped from the war, and the Arrow Adhesive was victorious.


Due to the loss of the cloaking technology, the Arrow Adhesive was forced to relocate to a different location. Luckily there was a large cave nearby that didn't seem to have anything inside, except for a certain button...