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Biographical information


Human (formerly)
Awoken (formerly)
Exo (formerly)


The Husk




Corrupted Guardians





Combat information




Oblivion Great Axe (Corrupted Titans)
Oblivion Bladed Staff (Corrupted Hunters)
Oblivion Serrated Blade (Corrupted Warlocks)
Hellfire Weaponry


Summon Husk
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Light Suppression
Warp Dash
Entropy Wave
Summon Familiar(s)
Oblivion Rampart (Titans)
Void Cascade (Titans)
Shadow Vanish (Hunters)
Pandemic Swarm (Hunters)
Umbral Tendrils (Warlocks)
Eclipse Grasp (Warlocks)


"The will of the false idols have only blinded you. But we will make you see. Behold our sovereign."
— A Reaver to The Guardian

Reavers are former Guardians corrupted by the powers and infestation of the Husk, turned into powerful warriors and generals for the ever-growing scourge.


With the arrival of the Husk in the Solar System, many creatures succumbed to its voracious will, becoming mindless drones and servants for its malevolent purpose. Among them were the Guardians who attempted to brave the new threat, only to be inevitably consumed by its viral powers. Unlike their subordinates, however, they are given a greater modicum of will and intelligence so that they can serve as the Husk's generals and hunters sent to either kill or subvert powerful targets such as commanders or their former peers. They also seem to lack the cancerous corruption that grows on other the other minions of the Husk. Due to their status, they are gifted the greatest power from the Husk, armed with weaponry rife with Oblivion Energy that their new master seeps into reality, as well as retaining their former weaponry warped and distorted by the expanding blight.


Much like their former selves, the Reavers have 3 archetypes, each based on the classes the Guardians once were. These powerful warlords have many similar attributes (such as launching powerful waves of energy from their weapons, suppressing any paracausal energy in their vicinity, teleporting a short distance in any direction and summoning projections of themselves to attack and throw off their opponents), but are, overall, radically different in terms of gameplay.

  • Reaver Titans: Former Titans corrupted by the will of the Husk, these behemoths have two goals: enforce their master's will and crush any opposition holding back their expansion. They wield a Great Axe created by the corruption, capable of dealing massive damage to any enemy that bites its blade. They can also bring down this mighty weapon to create a tracking wave of pained energy to overwhelm and obliterate any opponent caught in the surge. They also can conjure forth a barrier of Oblivion energy to protect them from their assailants while they attempt to close in on them for an attack. Usually, they are armed with either an Auto Rifle, Shotgun, Machine Gun, Grenade Launcher or Rocket Launcher corrupted by the infestation.
  • Reaver Hunters: Former Hunters corrupted by the will of the Husk, these nimble scouts have two goals: harass their enemies and eliminate any figurehead that serves as a threat to their expansion. They wield a Bladed Staff created by the corruption, capable of delivering rapid, consecutive hits. They also can release a noxious concoction of Oblivion energy and the corruption that deals damage and suppresses the movement of any opponent caught in the mist. They also have the ability to vanish from sight to quickly find a new position, either a perch for their powerful ranged weaponry or behind their opponents to slash them with their staff. Usually, they are armed with either a Hand Cannon, Scout Rifle, Combat Bow or Sniper Rifle corrupted by the infestation.
  • Reaver Warlocks: Former Warlocks corrupted by the will of the Husk, these masterminds have two goals: coordinate attacks and nest creation and study the enemies of the Husk. They wield a Serrated Blade created by the corruption, balanced in both damage output and attack succession. Beneath them is a rift from which shadowy tendrils emerge. These tendrils can lift up debris to serve as both shielding and powerful, throwable projectiles. They also can cast a rift that will conjure similar tendrils that will entrap anyone who runs into the festering circle or summon a massive tendril tipped with a chitinous spike to attack any opponent in its vicinity. Usually, they are armed with either a Sidearm, Pulse Rifle, Fusion Rifle or Linear Fusion Rifle corrupted by the infestation.

Known Reavers[edit]

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