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"The Vanguard say the Ahamkara are extinct, however, we still exist in plain sight. This you shall learn oh foolish one mine... - Mya, Former Great Priest of Zukrox"
— weapon description
Oh Blind One Mine...
Production overview


The Ktholp'xa Cult

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The Grey Void
The Ktholp'xa Cult


The "Oh Blind One Mine..." is an Exotic Sword that is available to drop from Zukrox, the Sister of Riven during the Wings of Doubt Dungeon.


Column 1[edit]

  • Her Grand Design: Rapidly getting 3 kills loads an extra powerful swipe for a short time.

Column 2[edit]

  • Tempered Edge: Increased sword damage and ammo

Column 3[edit]

  • Balanced Guard: Sword guard has balanced efficiently and defense

Collumn 4[edit]

  • In Her Name: Kills with Her Grand Design active causes a massive explosion dealing Void damage. Getting kills with In Her Name grant bonus grenade and melee energy.


My name is Mya and I'm a Warlock, or rather it was Mya and I was a Warlock.

I shall transform, turning into a creature not of human flesh and bone… but so much more.

11:54 PM

As I pen these words I can feel my body changing and twisting into a new form. Aye, you might be asking why? I am the Great Priest of the Ktholp'xa Cult. That hidden cult inside the rooms that lurk far below the Tower. But alas, my time as Great Priest is coming to a rapid end. I will, to the best of my ability, pen my transformation.

11:56 PM

There's a feeling in the very air of the cave I'm in. This feeling is… odd but I can tell that it is indeed the Grey Void.

I look at myself, my eyes scanning my human body for the last time. I look at the preparations I've made for my transformation. Most of my armor I've replaced with thin pieces of leather. Hundreds of Ahamkara bones cover the leather. It feels natural now, like skin. My feet have been bare for three months in order to get used to the feeling of my future talons. I blinked. When my eyes opened up they looked similar to that of a snake or lizard. Thin and narrow vertical slits replaced my rounded pupils.

11:58 PM

I'm barely able to write this! I'm on all fours now, with my back's skin getting scaly and hard. I can feel a tail growing out of me! My wings are getting larger and more developed! My arms and legs are changing as well, with my hands turning into talons. I might not be able to finish this but…

12:01 PM

My eyes shot open as I slowly got up. I'm writing this with my wishes. I can feel Her voice inside of my head telling me that She's surprised I survived this ordeal. I concentrated on a single point in space-time and ripped it open.

She was standing there in the Grey Void in front of that Grand Library I had frequently visited in my dreams. I walk into the Grey Void. She turns around and looked at me, sitting down on her back two legs and tail.

"You've survived. How thrilling!"

I only nodded my head and returned to the material world and stared at the Traveller.

I snarled at it and took the form of a falcon. I flew to the City and roosted in the eastern side of it near the dwelling of Hawthorne. That bird you Guardians periodically look at is just a bird.

Just a normal bird, oh deaf to Her mine…


  • The Oh Blind One Mine is the first Sword to be crafted out of Ahamkara bones
  • On random occasions, whispers can be heard while holding the Sword. During extremely rare occasions, Zukrox can be heard saying various phrases. These phrases are"
    • "You are the perfect way to test The Grand Design, oh little one mine..."
    • "Open up your ears and behold The Grand Design, oh wielder mine..."
    • "Those Guardians that killed Riven, they shall discover that sisterhood is a powerful force, oh listener mine..."