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Nitemare's Guard

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The Best Of The Best
The End Of The World


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Rogue Guardians


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The Red War
Nitemare's War


Jukis, Eye Of The Night
Jero, The Stonecrusher
Alma, Master Poisoner


Nitemare's Guard are a militia of Former Guardians who joined Nitemare on his journey during The Red War.


During The Red War, A mysterious traveller known only as Nitemare, arrived on Earth and was found by Devrim Kay killing Fallen. Devrim was very impressed by his fast reflexes, and his Gunslinger skills. He attempted to convince the traveller to join the fight against the Red Legion, and after three hours of talking, Nitemare joined him. They became fast friends, sharing the exact same goals and hatred of The Red Legion, and they also worked together extremely well. However, Nitemare became disillusioned with The Guardians way of dealing with the war overtime, because He preferred brutal violence rather than taking it one step at a time, and left him, wandering once again. He was eventually attacked by Cabal. Outnumbered and nowhere left to go, he fled to a nearby cavern. There, he met three former Guardians who also shared his viewpoint on the war. He recruited them, and formed his own milltia.

Events Of Destiny 3[edit]

By the time The Red War was over, Nitemare had thousands upon of thousands of followers, willing to obey any order given by him. They also had countless connections all over the Solar System, and even the Fallen Houses obeyed them, not wanting to incur their leader's wrath. And sooner or later, they would inevitably attack the Guardians all across the galaxy. They first started to attack by invading Trostland on Earth, where his old friend was, the Guardians there tried to fight them off, but they were no match for the veteran Former Guardians. They captured Devrim, and then was personally executed by Nitemare himself. Then they attacked The Farm where the events of the game first begin. Jero and Jukis led this attack, easily destroying it, and later re-created it as a Citadel known as The Blackwing, where Nitemare would remain for the rest of the war, that would later become known as Nitemare's War. Their next move would to be revive the Fallen House of Devils, appointing Atorlos, Devil Commander as their new leader, cementing their reign over Old Russia. And that is when the Guardians made their first move against Nitemare's forces, by attacking Atorlos's lieutenants, drawing him out and killing him.