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Dear Bungie, the creators of my favorite videogame ever,

Bungie, I love Destiny, it is the best game I've ever played. I never stop playing it, I have 3 level 40 characters that I share with my brother. We love your game but we have an idea. I present to you: The Liberator!

Me, my brother, and my friend Dante the Ghost, have been working together to create an interesting idea. We have figured out the gameplay strategy and lore and everything! Some background information: we realized the SUROS Regime is a life preserver.

  • With SUROS Legacy - Bonus damage with bottom half of magazine.
  • Chance to return health when dealing damage.
  • And: Lightweight - When held, this weapon grants +2 character Agility.
  • As well as Focused Fire - When zoomed, this weapon fires slower, but causes additional damage.

With all this, it is safe to say that it does best when the player is on low health. It does lots of damage and can grant health, so we learned this is a retreat or last resort weapon, and so it must be accompanied by a secondary to use as a primary since this is a panic button (using this as a primary might kill the purpose of it being a life-saver, if low on health using the SUROS Regime, what is your panic button then?).

A sniper rifle zooms in too much, a fusion rifle does too much damage (most of the time you will be up against adds), and a shotgun cannot be used against some majors and all ultras. A shotgun requires you to get close to an enemy, and some Majors and Ultras have overpowered melee attacks, so it is ineffective against ultras and some majors. The other thing is that all of these will only have about 10-20 shots, which would not be substantial when you will be using this as a primary (75% of the time or so). A Sidearm has lots of ammo great against adds, and can do a sufficient amount of damage, if you can aim at the enemy's weak spot, it does a good bit of damage.

In conclusion, a Sidearm would make a great primary substitute for when using the SUROS Regime. On a completely unrelated note, we and my brother were talking the day I wrote this letter to you. I brought up that a good name for an Exotic weapon would be "The Liberator" since a definition of the word "liberator" is leader, or one who is wise/strong enough to be a leader (and is), and of course since this weapon would have to be very powerful to be called a Liberator, and I thought to myself, "What weapon type would need a weapon that powerful?" I thought about weapons that did not get enough attention.

Bingo! Sidearms deserve more attention! I realized you guys do not put much thought into these weapons. Weapon types have creative game changing perks, some have explosive rounds, others have bullets that ricochet. Sidearms do not have any perks or upgrades that stand out among all other upgrades, which most other weapons do, I have noticed there are only so many different Sidearms when there could be fifty different Auto rifles. Also the community does not use this weapon as much as they should, it is underrated (as I said if you can aim, you are capable of doing serious damage to some adds). I thought that the Sidearm would be the perfect weapon to deserve a second Exotic, more attention, something that the community will actively seek out like Queenbreaker's Bow and Universal Remote.

Then I remembered that Sidearms do perfect as a primary substitute for when using the SUROS Regime, so since you cannot equip 2 Exotics at a time, this would have to be a Legendary in order to be the perfect Sidearm I would have imagined it to be. But Legendaries are not always pieces of gear people will remember and seek out, unlike Exotics. People rarely dismantle Exotic gear, but Legendaries normally are not too cherished as Exotics. There are a few Legendaries that people will seek out; the Legendary swords, the 1000 Yard Stare, An Answering Chord, these are Legendaries that most people will not dismantle because they are that good, and so please, make this one of those.

The Liberator will be the perfect Sidearm, the perfect companion to the SUROS Regime but a few more things. We are going to make this a very different Sidearm, unlike any other to ensure this will be one of the Legendaries treasured like Exotics. This Sidearm will have three firing modes: auto, bursts (firing a few bullets in one rapid succession), and semi-auto. One of the perks/upgrades should turn this into a full-auto weapon, you should be able to hold down the trigger on the controller and the gun will continue to fire, similar to a pulse rifle with full-auto. Lastly I would like for this to have lots of ammo—perhaps thirty per clip and three hundred sixty total, for a total of twelve uses.

If this will be a substitute for a primary while using the SUROS Regime, it must have the ammo of a primary, if the player is most likely going to use this 75% of the time, give them enough ammo so they can use it over and over and over and over again. One quick thing, try giving it stats so it will do well by itself as well, but it should be the best friend of the SUROS Regime. If you are thinking of what it should look like, try something that relates to justice or maybe even liberty, you could give it a green hue, add a painting of an arm or sword on the side, your choice. We have the lore figured out and it is quite intriguing. Here is an example in the description: "I forgot what happened, but this smile in front of you masks it." —Cayde-6

Hope you understand where I am coming from and please consider my suggestion. The Liberator took a lot of time and thought and I hope you (Bungie and the community) understand.

One of Destiny's biggest fans since December 2014,


P.S Bungie, don't let Activision shit on the idea we came up with (me, my brother, Dante, the community, and you).