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Lanoskas, Deceiver
Biographical information

Other name(s):

Lanoskas, the Smug
Lanoskas, the Cheat









Eye color:


Political and military information


The Spider's Crime Syndicate (formerly)
The Crimson Circle (currently)



Notable info:

Ex-Syndicate Bodyguard
Known for his detrimental Greed
Believed to have never lost a bet


"The Hunt is calling out to you, Guardian... which goes without saying you should totally join in on the racket. You might die, but no pressure! If it's any consolation, I've got a lot of money banking on your death. Haha!"
— Lanoskas introducing the Guardian to The Hunt

Lanoksas, the Spectre is a Crimson Circle agent and former bodyguard from the Spider's Crime Syndicate. Known for his sociable personality he helps to organize and host the Circle's training grounds, the Hunt while often enlisting Guardians to help further "train" these elites.


Syndicate Days[edit]

"He was a fool for keeping me down, but he squandered my potential and kept me down to a bodyguard... stingy bastard..."
— Lanoskas recounting his days with the Spider

Enlistment into the Circle[edit]

"Honestly, the most enlightening thing I got out from this Crimson gig is learning how easy it is to die. On a related note, the looks on my peer's faces giving my eulogy were pretty priceless. Hehe."
— Lanokas reflecting on his time with the Crimson Circle

The Hades Contract[edit]

"Unlike my brash, murderous and bloodthirsty brethren, I prefer to not make enemies with those that can easily mop the floor with me. I'll admit, I'm greedy, but I'm not stupid. This "contract" is practically a death sentence."
— Lanoskas communing his opinions on the Hades Contract.


"He's an agent of that damnable merc group and has a history rife with cheating, of course, I don't trust him. Worst still is that obviously deceptive friendly visage he puts up. So, if he shows any sign of treachery, put a bullet in this sloat's brain."

List of Appearances[edit]