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House of Eon


Kronos, Heir of Eon
Avaxis, Only Proxy (formerly) (deceased)
Zaman, Priest of Eon


Ovulon, Silver Eye


Temple of Eon
Chalice of Taken
Lair of Time


The Slaughter
Crusade of the Idols
Betrayal of Kol


"Everything... is doomed to fall. Only our God can save us now"
— An Arsic Priest

The House of Eon is an ancient House, distinguished by black and teal gauntlets and capes. They are worshippers of the Vex Mind Eon and the Darkness. This House is most noticed by its ability to Take.



The House of Eon's origins were traced back to the Traveler's arrival for the Eliksni. This House was formed when an Eliksni philosopher wanted to find the Traveller's opposite, the Darkness. This Fallen was manipulated by the Vex mind Eon in order to attain a loyal House. A small number of the Eliksni would arrive to join the House of Eon, but rumors were placed that the House was made from Eliksni traitors. The members of the House of Eon's scattered, but kept in contact with each other. Their leader attained his new name by enforcing his allegiance to the Darkness and Eon. Now Kronos, Heir to Eon would begin to retrieve the remaining members in order to begin raids on other Eliksni houses. The House of Kings began to be more aware of the influence the House of Eon would make to the Eliksni as a whole. The House of Eons sought to destroy the House of Eon, but they were too separated from each other to make a blow. At this time, the Darkness would arrive, and begin the Whirlwind.


When the Whirlwind occurred, the House of Eon's leader embraced it, claiming it as the Eliksni's "savior". The Darkness saw Kronos's intentions, and spoke to him. It saw Kronos as a powerful ally, and decided to reward him for his undying loyalty. With this, Kronos was gifted the ability to Take. The rest of the House of Eon were ordered to leave and follow the Traveller with the rest of the Eliksni. Kronos piloted a Skiff and left to follow the rest of the House, making an oath to meet the Darkness again. In the meantime, the House of Eon's would be in contact with Eon, who already gave it's allegiance to the Darkness. The House of Eon would wait until the Darkness would pass and the Eliksni would find the Traveller.

Space Raids and Earth[edit]

While the Whirlwind caused the Eliksni to travel via space, this did not cease the House of Eon raids. Multiple Ketches would fall to twitching primal Taken made from Kronos. The remains of the House of Eyes would be lost and no more. The other Houses fought back, and they succeeded, before landing on Earth. The House of Eon would continue going behind the scenes, creating more and more Taken, waiting to unveil themselves.

Around this time, other Fallen survivors would join this House, and the House of Eon grew little by little. One of them, Avaxis, was saved by the Priest Zaman, and took Zaman's offer to join the House. More and more Fallen would join and temples were created to worship Eon. Kronos was told by Eon to allow the inhabitants of Earth to join, much to Kronos's distaste.

Some villages made from Humans would be ambushed and destroyed by the Fallen of Eon. Most of the survivors sought to find those responsible for the raids. Guardians were also involved, but never returned. The secrets of the House of Eon would be kept secret, and this time they would prevail.

Avaxis and the Iron Lords[edit]

During the creation of the Iron Lords, a human associated with the House of Eon saved and recruited a Fallen named Avaxis. Avaxis quickly grew accustomed to the House, making friendships and creating weapons. Avaxis was not informed of the Taken Temple that was recently constructed below the Earth over the concern that he would betray the House. This would not be the case, as Avaxis felt that he belonged in the House of Eon, without ever knowing the secrets below.

Kronos was informed of the Iron Lords disrupting raids and bringing more warlords to their cause. He decided to start his Subjugate Stealth Scheme. This plan would have the humans that were in the House of Eon be sent to the nearby villages, blending in and gaining political power. At the same time, the Eliksni of Eon would raid villages enforced by the Iron Lords, bringing in more outcry against the Light given group.

5 months after the SSS was initiated, Kronos was informed by Eon to abandon the plan, as it had a new force joining the House of Eon. When asked what it was, Eon replied with the recently recruited Risen named Davis. Afterwards, the plan was stopped, and things returned to normal for the Iron Lords, but the majority of the House of Eon went into hiding, save for Davis and a sub division of the House of Eon named the Wrath.

Recent Events[edit]


Like many Houses, the House of Eon has a leader, but their definition of it is different. The Heir, the leader of the House of Eon, is guided by Eon in order to make decisions. The Heir is an immortal Eliksni that acts as the communicator of Eon to the rest. Only one Heir has been chosen since the creation of the House, and if the Heir was the die then the rest would fall apart. However if the Heir is disabled and cannot continue their duty for the time being, then the Arsic Priests are the next to form a decision. The Arsic Priests are chosen by the Heir themselves, and are shown to be powerful in faith and combat. They are the House of Eon's Council, and should they fall in battle, another is always anointed as soon as possible. This House also has their Splicer sect, although they are more devoted to the enhancements of the House's structures rather than their members. They also attain a group of sites that focus on the assassinations of major political figures from other Houses.


Sub Divisions[edit]

Unique Forces[edit]

  • Dreg Variants
    • Savage - A dangerous Dreg unit that specializes in reconnaissance and assassination with brutal tactics. Normally carries a shock rifle.
    • Herald - The messengers of the House of Eon. Brings in physical copies of classified information. Always escorted by a Herald's Guard.
      • Herald's Guard - Made up of four Dregs with shock blades and scorch cannons. Escorts the Herald to their designated location.
    • Sacrifice - Dregs that are normally used to be turned into Taken. Not armed, and will run away from enemies and escape when given the chance.
  • Vandal Variants
    • Siphon - Tasked to assassinate major figures of politics and power. Accompanied by two Savages, and bears a shock blade with a wire rifle.