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Biographical information

Other name(s):

Great Lord
The Eater of Gods
Cosmic Beast




Unknown; trillions of years old


Dimensional Harbinger



Political and military information


The Darkness (Formerly)
The Light (The Traveler) (Formerly)
House of Eon

Notable info:

Annihilated numerous dimensions and inhabitants
Murdered the rest of his species in cold blood
Was forced into an infinite battle with Saphix

"Nothing will ever be eternal, I will make sure of it."
— Eon’s vow

Eon is a being of pure dimensional energy, once associated with its species before its final fall. Purely made into existence in order to maintain the endless web of dimensions, it now seeks to do the opposite, destroying dimensions in order to assure its own survivability. It is a significant figure in Season Of The Infinite, and is the main antagonist in Possibility.



No one can tell for sure how Eon had came to be. The cosmic boundaries do realities have hid his kind’s existence for millennia, but they were there. The location of his creation was long since annihilated to nothing, yet it’s prescience never faltered. At one point he had began to commit himself to create and maintain realities, ensuring a plethora of dimensions to be created and prosper.

This would not last long for him, at least for the time of the Dimensional Harbingers. An influx of unknown rifts began sprouting out of numerous dimensions, creating chaos over the web. The order to create and assign the Nexus Cleavage has allowed the rifts to falter and disappear, giving ample time for the Harbingers to recover. However Eon began to doubt his purpose when he soon discovered that the Nexus Cleavage had began committing themselves to the same goal he had once decided to complete long ago.