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The Quarantined subsection of the Grimoire covers subjects related to the prisoners of Cane within the Chernobyl Quarantine Zone.

In Fakar, Brood Queen[edit]

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Axik, Abandoned Captain[edit]

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Betrayed Valus[edit]

Betrayed Valus 'Grimoire' Card.jpg

"In your most needy hour, even your comrades may betray you."

The Valus had not slept in days. His small army of Shadow Legion soldiers trussed across the mud of the EDZ. Behind them, two Goliath Tanks resided. “We’re coming up on the hostiles!” The Valus’ second in command shouted. “Got it, ready up!” The Valus shouted back. They approached the Guardian’s outpost. They knew there was a rather large outpost here but they had a surprise for them. The tanks fired on the old building crumbling its walls. Guardians rushed out. Some were killed almost immediately. They revived however. “Keep covering fire!” The tank punctured a hole in a guardian. The Guardian’s ghost attempted to revive it but then floated away, confused. The light nullifying tanks worked! “Push forward men, to victory.” The guardians did not falter however and somehow pushed the army back and destroy one of their tanks. The Cabal managed to flank them and have them surrounded. They did not care, they were not worried. At least not until a Tormentor arrived. The Tormentor ripped apart Guardian’s and their Ghosts. It was a horrifying sight to humans. Not to the Cabal. This was a joyous day. A wonderful day! Then he arrived. The Cabal had no time to react. The man simply raised his hand and a strange energy warped them all up. The Valus awoke in The Quarantine, cold and confused. A portion of His men had surrounded him. He still had all his gear and was confused why his comrades were looking at him with regret. He attempted to stand up using his arm but when his arm met the metal the feeling stopped. He looked at his arm and it wasn’t there. There was a bloody stump in his armor where his arm should have been. He cursed, standing up. What had they done.

Virus Mind[edit]

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Echo of Haltrix, Taken by War[edit]

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Markig, Radioactive Knight[edit]

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Valus Edr'ek[edit]

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Driviks, the Silent[edit]

Driviks 'Grimoire' Card.jpg

"Fools come in all shapes and sizes. Blinded by hunger or riches, a crime that many are guilty of, but to be blinded by rage makes one more than a fool."
— Cane

He who hides in shadow, eclipsed by light and dark. A caricature of a past prophet. Fabled stories and hymns sung by children to keep the shadows away, now discordant masses of unintelligible sonnets.

Failure brings about regret, regret leads to sorrow, sorrow leads to desperation. Gasping from thin air to licking old wounds, one will eventually overcome their struggle. Whether that be from will, or acuity.

Desperation makes the mind race, scrambling for conclusions to nonexistent problems. To disregard desperation is to live without sorrow, without regret. To look beyond the sins of the past, forget what must be forgotten.

I shall share my wisdom. If one forgets themself a fool, were they really ever?

The Questioning Mind[edit]

Questioning Mind 'Grimoire' Card.jpg

Akoris, Knight of the Pit[edit]

Akoris 'Grimoire' Card.jpg

"Immortality is a gift. Prove you can keep it."
— Savathûn, the Witch Queen

The Burning Lake. A horrible battle where we lost some of our best to that monster. But we managed to capture a knight. Torture him for days before leaving him dead. Years went by. We infiltrated Savathûn, the Witch Queen’s Throne World. Just to find our first Hive Lightbearer. My whole crew died that day. Six hidden agents. All present when we tortured that knight. I barely escaped, but my hud registered who the Knight was. It was the same one. The same one. I understood it’s hatred now.

Something’s watching me. I met a guy in Scaled armor. He was helping me hunt some scorn for a bounty when it returned the feeling of dread. I’ll update this later.


Last entry in an unknown person’s diary. It was barely even found in tact. I was working with them and didn’t even have enough time to catch their name when this knight threw a sentinel shield through his head.

Yours not so truly, Cane

Bah'nok, Vessel of the Witness[edit]

Bah'nok 'Grimoire' Card.jpg

"Some beings wait for their death to arrive, while others run from it. But running isn't as easy when you're chained down."
— Cane

Perfection brings balance. To be perfect is to be absent of any flaws, a single fault or imperfection tips the scale beyond what is expected. Incompliance brings about correction. Infidelity results in erasure. All must be perfect in order to exist, flawless and beautiful.

But what about those who aren’t perfect?

Simple, they run.

Beings tend to avoid things they cannot understand. Knowledge is the key to understanding the truth, obscured by false promises. All imperfections, all flaws. They run, hide, flee from the truth. They cannot accept their faults, we will not accept their faults. In the end, all who defy will cease to exist, that is the truth.

So go ahead, run.

But no matter how fast you run, the truth will always find you.

Overcharged Ogre[edit]

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Overcharged Abomination[edit]

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