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The Forward Operating Base is a location on Europa in which the Frozen Legion operates.


The entrance is a small metal landing pad containing two harvesters. It is next to an ice mountain which built into the side of is a metal walk area next to the mountain. It also has a catwalk second floor. The second floor also goes away from the mountain to a watch tower. Two doors are in the mountain. One on the first and one on the second floor. Also in front of the landing pads is a frozen expanse similar to a desert. The inside of the base is a bunch of tunnels containing an armory, lab, and eventually a large abandoned bray tech area with snow coming in and a few crates. The Abandoned area is a training area for the troops. The exit is at the end of the training area which can be easily passed through via sparrow. The exit is just a large cabal door that leads to a bunch of trenches. TBC