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Out of the two tanks we've fought so far, which do you think will most likely win in a fight with one another? Well, let's take a look at what they bring to battle.

The Fallen Walker is used to guard key Fallen assets using a laser-guided turret, a missile launcher mounted on top, a chin-mounted machine gun, and bouncing mines. It will also summon Shanks for extra support and can perform a shockwave with immense knockback if faced up close. However, the legs it walks on are its weak spot. If they are shot at, its engine core will be exposed and will be temporarily disabled until it gets back up.

The Cabal's Goliath Tank, on the other hand, has completely different mechanics. It has a main turret, machine gun turrets, missile launchers, anti-aircraft mortars, and mine deployers. It can also move suprisingly fast thanks to its jet thrusters, although also proves to be a weak spot.

In the end, I would have to say that the Goliath wins thanks to its superior firepower and mobility. The Walker's main problem(s), like I said, are that it lacks mobility and can be staggered. The tank has no such issues. But what do you think? Leave your votes in the forum discussion. Remember, any argument is welcome; just be sure to explain.