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Drakeion, the Paradoxal Mind
Biographical information

Other names:

The Scale Mind
The Fang Mind
The Grand Experiment


Ahamkara (corrupted by Vex)


The Vex


Axis Mind


Vex Dragon




85 feet

Combat information


Draconic BIOS Nightfall


Summon Vex
Absorb Vex
High Durability


"I'm... alive... I'm... sentient..."
— Drakion, Paradoxal Mind


Drakeion, the Paradoxal Mind is an Ahamkara held by the Vex that was corrupted with Vex Mind fluid turning the dragon into a dragon-like Vex Mind. Much like Asher Mir, Drakeion has similar Vex constructs and appendages all over her body. Drakeion is a large dragon however is relatively small compared to other Axis Minds such as Argos, Planetary Core. She was corrupted and held in order to try to harness the paracausal nature of the Ahamkara. The Paradoxal Mind was deemed a failure from losing their paracausal power during the corruption and was sent away from the Vex Network although she created her own small collective - "The Roaring Collective".

Drakeion looks much like a standard dragon with 4 legs on a lizard-like body and head. Her hide used to be a bright yellow but post-corruption has turned into a thin layer of metals like silver, gold, and other metals used in technology. Their wings have remained somewhat similar from normal. Drakeion's eye color turned from a darker yellow to glowing red. An incredibly strong multi-element shield surrounds her much like a bubble.


  • Drakeion's title most likely comes from the purpose of this Vex Mind. Drakeion was created as a way to try to allow the Vex to study paracausal forces and learn how to use them.
  • Drakion might the only Vex with a real gender.