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Hi. As you may have seen on the two articles on destiny that are basicaly the only things we're using for citations, there's an alien faction that appears not to have an official name, but has been on several occasions referred to as "Evil Space Zombies". We have confirmed images of them, but with the whole no official name thing, I wasn't sure if I should make a page yet. Thus, I came here to weigh in. Any thoughts? Always use the DMR. This is craZboy557, signing off. 17:21, 18 February 2013 (EST)

Aye, I believe they do... lots of people think theyre like the flood. Who knows what they turn out to be, but I think thature as equallly important as any other species. Another thing ive noted is that the Fallen are given more attention than the rest of the enemies... could they be the main enemy? the most important? idk, i guess we'll see. PS does anyone know Games Workshop? The guys that do Warhammer? - posted by MReyesG

Sorry, no. Always use the DMR. This is craZboy557, signing off. 06:50, 25 February 2013 (EST) Its a shop where they sell miniatures for role playing and strategy games. I mentioned it because its a whole universe with great art and concepts, but i guess its not THAT relevant anyway.