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Hunter (Nightstalker)

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Nearly always silent
Sole survivor of the classified Gryphon Incident, which he refuses to talk about


"........"—Corvus, usually.

Corvus-9 is a quiet Exo Hunter who lives in the Last City. His Ghost is named Kunai. He is the last surviving member of Fireteam Gryphon, which was lost under mysterious circumstances.



Corvus was first resurrected on Earth, during the dawn of the City Age. During this time, he travelled for many weeks, fighting and evading the House of Devils with nothing but Kunai to keep him company. He was hunted by the Baron Savriks, who desired to claim him as a trophy and sent wave after wave of his best men to capture him. But each time, Corvus had barely managed to escape with his life.

After nearly a month of even more wandering and battling Fallen, Corvus had reached the outskirts of the Last City. He saw the massive sphere that was the Traveller and the city beneath it far on the horizon ahead, and set out for it.

Before he could finally complete his journey however, Savriks ambushed him once again, this time confronting him personally with several Skiffs worth of Fallen. Corvus barely held out on his own and struggled against the assault, but just then, a Fireteam of Guardians came to his aid, who were scouting for Fallen activity outside of the City. With the Fireteam's help, Savriks and his crew were defeated, and Corvus was taken to the City.

The team who came to his aid on that day was Fireteam Gryphon, led by the Titan Gloria-3, and Corvus would go on to join it as its sixth member.

Fireteam Gryphon[edit]

Strike on Axrion[edit]

Gryphon Incident[edit]

The Red War[edit]

A Lightblade Spotted[edit]

Zornok, Willbreaker's Fragment[edit]

Personality and Traits[edit]

"You know Corvus, I've known you for quite some time now and you've still never said a single word to me. Why is that?"


"....okay, to be honest, I should've expected that."

"You really should've, yes."

Atlas-7 (attempting to talk to Corvus) and Corvus-9's Ghost, Kunai.

Corvus is well known to be a man of very, very few words. In fact, nearly all the time, he is silent and mute, and whenever he does actually speak, his sentences are as laconic as possible. Even then, he rarely ever talks to anyone at all but Kunai, in private without anyone else within earshot. To others, his Ghost mainly does all the talking for him.

He is a very cold and reserved person in general, and almost never forms any serious emotional attachment to other people apart from a select few. He is willing to work in a Fireteam with fellow Guardians, but keeps a purely professional distance about him, and focuses on getting the job done as soon as possible, with little time for distractions. When not serving in a Fireteam, Corvus mainly operates as a scout, either for the Vanguard or to satisfy his own curiosity and boredom.

Corvus has demonstrated humility and bravery, willing to strike down even the most dangerous threats with little hesitation, and never questions the deeds he does or who he's doing them for. Despite this, he also demonstrates caution and incredible patience when needed.

On a more darker note, Corvus' sense of empathy and caring appears to be only limited to who he regards as a close friend, who he can be quite protective of at times. While he will also go out of his way to aid a stranger in need, he will usually only do so if it benefits him or his friends in some way. This attitude extends towards how he responds to authority; he will only do so if it benefits him or if he sees no real reason to disobey. He will also not hesitate to shoot any enemy of the City on sight, with zero hesitation, question or remorse. Indeed, wordless violence is often the first thing he will ever resort to when confronted with anyone he sees as an enemy.

Corvus never goes anywhere without his helmet covering his face. Both he and his Ghost refuse to explain why this is.


Corvus primarily wields the Nightstalker Subclass into battle. His main choice of weaponry is a Sniper Rifle, an Arc Sidearm with rapid fire, and a Solar Rocket Launcher. He has been known to sometimes employ a Pulse Rifle in place of his sniper, though during the days when the rest of Fireteam Gryphon was still alive, he always used one.


"I don't talk about that."—Corvus-9 to Tephra about his past.

"Be careful."—Corvus-9 to Atlas-7, during a mission.

"That's not safe."—Corvus to Atlas, during the same mission.

"I don't like sand."—Corvus, about sand.

"I don't waste words."—Corvus, about why he doesn't talk much.

"Eh."—Corvus when asked for his opinion on the Fallen.

"........."—Corvus, in response to Riviana suggesting he should talk more.


  • He is based off of my Exo Hunter character in Destiny 1.
  • His personality also takes inspiration from The Guardian's.