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"Before the Taken King, we all warred against one another in petty feuds. Now, we are brothers and sisters, united in the Deep."
Fel, founder of the Broken


Free other Taken from the grasp of Savathûn and the Darkness
Preserve themselves and grow in numbers.

At war with:

The Hive
Non-Broken aligned Taken

Average height:


Average weight:



Enslaved and corrupted version of other races
Violent twitching movements
Blackened bodies burn with an ethereal, bluish-white flame
Mere presence causes blurry vision

Average lifespan:


Notable individuals:

Fel, The Broken Sovereign
Eos Prodromos

Other name(s):

Legion of the Damned
Abandoned by the Deep
The New Order


The Broken are a faction of Taken entities who were initially left leaderless after the death of Oryx, the Taken King. Once used as the Hive Gods' personal armies, the Broken have regained their free will, and have banded together to oppose the Hive and free their brethren


In terms are appearance and abilities, there is little separating the Broken from the rest of their Taken brethren: ghostly, powerful, and willing to fight for their masters and allies. The main difference is in how they act. Despite the fact that they are Taken, the Broken, thanks to the efforts of their worm, Fel, retain a sense of free-will and independent thought, similar to Riven, Malok and Quria The Broken will usually try to avoid confrontation if possible, sometimes though diplomacy, but mostly through hiding and ignoring other enemies. The Broken have some form of pseudo-hivemind. They are connected to eachother through thoughts and emotions, but there is no guiding hand that controls them.


The Ancient Past[edit]

The Exile Worm[edit]

Taken War[edit]

First of the Legion[edit]

Red War[edit]


War Against the Witch-Queen[edit]