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"They're still out there, and we will find them."
— Drad, the Searcher

The Acolytes of the Ahamkara are a faction of a new species called The Black Suns who believe the Ahamkara are still out there besides Riven and Irrvian the Lore-Ridden. They live a very passive existence however, they're known to be tricksters and one of their leaders, Ledgestre can even copy any voice she hears.

The Creation of the Acolytes[edit]

The Acolytes where once part of the black suns but defected when their "Queen", Merossa had a vision of a giant dragon-like being who could grant any wish. She wanted to steer all the Black Suns to chase this dream of hers but the Black Suns god willed it not. So Merossa and her believers left the Black Suns to form the Acolytes of the Ahamkara.


The Acolytes have their field generals, then the Leaders, and finally their Queen.

  • Merossa: the Acolytes' Queen
  • Ledgestre, the Imitator: Their intel gatherer
  • Drac, the Warrior: The front line attacker
  • Drad, the Searcher: The guide for the Acolytes
  • Yve: The code breaker and intelligence expert
  • Kealvin: The Acolytes' assassin