Dust Palace (strike)/Walkthrough

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Dust Palace[edit]

The fireteam starts in The Hollows, just outside of the Dust Palace. Get past the Centurion and Psions to enter the Dust Palace proper. Players will encounter a locked door that Ghost will start unlocking. The room will start to fill with Phalanxes, Legionaries, a Centurion, and a few Psion Operants during this phase. Dispatching them will unlock the first door.

In the next room Vex and Cabal will be fighting each other. Take them all out and start unlocking the next door. Another wave of Vex and Cabal will start appearing on both floors, including two more Centurions and a Psion Operant. The door will open when all enemies are dead. On higher levels there is a turret that deals Solar damage on the stairs that can be used to defeat enemies more quickly.


Fight through the small number of Vex and Cabal to reach the last locked door. As it's being unlocked, more waves of enemies will appear, including two Minotaurs, one Colossus and a Psion Operant.

The Cortex[edit]

Boss: Psion Flayers

Kill all the enemies in the final room to summon the Flayers. There are three Centurions, which may group together, making this fight more difficult. Have Ghost activate the console and the three Flayers will appear in three separate locations. Kolar, who has an Arc shield, will appear on the left side. Vatch, who has a solar shield, will appear in the middle. Numoc, who has a void shield, will appear on the right side. Each Flayer has a strong shield and a powerful, long-range psychic attack, so coordinate your attacks well. Every person should have at least one of the three elemental weapons needed to bring down the Flayers' shields.

Meanwhile there will be multiple reinforcement drops, including one every time a Flayer is killed. These typically includes a Colossus dropped by a Harvester on the landing pad. It pays to break off from attacking the Flayers in order to regroup and deal with the reinforcements, as they can easily overwhelm players. It is important to make sure everyone concentrates on the same Flayer and to focus on that one until it is dead, as the Flayer's shields will regenerate quickly and take a lot of damage to bring down.