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Name Description Permissions
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#server_info General information about the server. @everyone Contact
#bot_commands A list of commands available for the Ghost and Exo Stranger bots. @everyone Wiki staff
#news_and_announcements For wiki announcements and news about the Destiny franchise. @everyone Wiki staff
#general_discussion For all discussions from Destiny to non-Destiny related discussion. @everyone @everyone
#wiki_discussion For all discussion pertaining to matters concerning the wiki. @everyone @everyone
#wiki_screenshots For all discussed screenshots that will be used in the wiki. @everyone @everyone
#lore For all discussion pertaining to the Destiny universe. @everyone @everyone
#fanfic For discussing fanfiction ideas. @everyone @everyone
#consensus Channel for specific edit drives (e.g. assigning users to collaborate on a major page) @everyone @everyone
#spoilers For discussing game and expansion spoilers. @everyone @everyone
#vanguard Private channel reserved for all secret administrative manners. Wiki staff Wiki staff
#logs Private server moderation channel. Wiki staff Wiki staff