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Red Man
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The Iron Lords are trying to disrupt the established order. And we're here to liberate you from them. You're under our care, now.

The Red Man was a Warlord in the Dark Age who was targeted by Iron Lord Dryden during the Warlord Conflict. His nickname came from the distinctive red armor he wore.


While scouting a isolated region to the south of his territory, the Red Man detected a Ghost on his tracker. He began following the trail of the Ghost and eventually caught a man named Judson. Assuming the man was another Lightbearer, the Red Man began interrogating him, but Judson insisted that he was not a Lightbearer. The Warlord questioned how he would have been able to survive for so long in that area without the Light, as there were no food or water sources for miles. When Judson tried to evade answering, the Red Man warned that he had ways of making him talk before noting that he and his fellow Warlords had not reached this far in their initial campaigns. He wondered if there was a hidden settlement nearby and told Judson to start talking before he started cutting. His captive admitted that they might have missed something. With his suspicions confirmed, the Red Man took Judson with him to gather several other Warlords, no longer intending to investigate the region alone.[1]

After recruiting five other Warlords, the Red Man and his party were guided by Judson to the village of Eaton, having learned from Judson that the Iron Lords had provided food and supplies to the townspeople. Parking their Sparrows in the center of the village, the Red Man asked the assembling villagers if they claimed Judson as one of their own. One of the townspeople, Germaine, confirmed it, and the Red Man began questioning them on where the Iron Lords were as he and his Ghost scanned the crowd's reactions. Warning them not to lie as he had seen a Ghost nearby, the Red Man claimed that the Iron Lords were meddlers and not to be trusted. He further claimed that the Warlords were there to liberate the town from the Iron Lords and that they were now under his care. Germaine claimed that the Iron Lords had been there and gave them food in exchange for shelter before departing. Not believing the villager, the Red Man drew his hand cannon and shot one of the other villagers in the head. Germaine insisted again he was telling the truth as the Red Man and the other Warlords watched the crowd and horizon for any sign of Iron Lord activity. However, Judson suddenly grabbed a shock blade from one of the other Warlords and used it to strike down them and the Red Man before being stabbed himself. With two of the six Warlords momentarily incapacitated, the Iron Lords then began their attack on their foes.[1]

During their battle all of the town's citizens, with the exception of Germaine, were killed. The Red Man and his fellow Warlords slew all but one of the Iron Lords. Their sole surviving foe, Lord Dryden, defeated them before executing their Ghosts and inflicting final deaths upon them in his rage and in violation of the Iron Decree.[2]



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