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Former personal pet of Empress Caiatl


"Never forget."
Unforgiven weapon description

Milos was the personal War Beast of Empress Caiatl. He was butchered by one of her servants at Emperor Calus' request.


Milos was gifted to Caiatl at a very young age from her distant father, Calus. Caiatl grew extremely attached to her newfound companion, spending every waking and dormant hour with Milos by her side. Caiatl trained Milos herself and even fed him from her own plate[1]. Calus grew jealous and ordered one of Caiatl's servants to butcher the War Beast to punish Caiatl for loving something or someone more than her father[2].


"I took her hands in mine and said "I forgive you". Words I swore Calus would never hear from me again."
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Despite Milos' death happening so long ago, Caiatl still remembers his presence every time she closes her eyes. His death was also the main motivator she had, along with seeing Calus as weak, for Caiatl to participate in the Midnight Coup. Even to this day Caiatl still holds malice towards her father for Milos' death and swore revenge would come by her hand one day. While such a fate did not come to pass, she still was able to participate in Calus' downfall, her vengeance for Milos complete.


  • The name Milos originates from ancient Greece and translates to mean "Gentle" or "Lover of Glory".
    • Due to Caiatl's love for the Cabal's more militaristic culture and how she described Milos, the name is apt.


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