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Production overview



Weapon type:


Required level:


Min-max magazine:



Ammunition type:



Instant Kill

Effective range:

Point Blank

Service history

In service:

Krouth, Flame Prince



Rhisling is the personal sword of Krouth, Flame Prince until a Guardian assassinated Krouth and received a shard of Rhisling and repaired the sword for their own use. Rhisling is fused with some kind of magic that allows it to melt through anything and anyone and is often said to speak to it's wielder although no confirmation is known.


When Rhisling was under Krouth's usage it was able to kill anything in one strike but when he was killed Rhisling lost almost all it's power until the Guardian repaired Rhisling and regenerated some power to the sword. Once the Guardian has the sword they wield it like how they hold The Sword of Crota and swings just like it however, at the cost of ten ammo, the player can slam Rhisling on the ground to send out a small pillar of flame that leaves behind small flames and will injure any enemy that steps on them along with anyone caught in the pillar will receive massive damage. The pillar ends when it either collides with an enemy or hits a wall while the flames last for ten seconds on the ground.