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The Frozen Legion
Grimoire Siege Dancers.jpg


Establish a foothold on Europa
Provide recon on The Realm of the Maker


Mars(Ice caps only)

At war with:

Crown Brood
House Salvation
The Hunters
Xivu Arath's Horde

Allied with:

Red Legion
Imperial Cabal


The Frozen Legion is a small scout legion of Cabal that specializes in colder climate. Their headquarters is the FOB.


TBA. They were deployed as one of the first scout legions and were essentially isolated on Europa and receive all news late.

Reconnaissance on the Crown

Val Naukilis, a high ranking commander of the legion discovered the Realm of the Maker. He immediately alerted his superior who committed to a full mission to establish a foothold in the realm.


The Frozen Legion is a tight knight group. All of the members are very close. They are also all very loyal to whoever is the current leader of the Empire. Their armor seems to be mostly Destiny 1 armor with updated weaponry. Their armor is primarily blue and teal with a bit of black. Their armor also has some fur and cloaks on it as well as bandages. The legion has five harvesters and a warship all stationed at their FOB.



Other Members