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Layout guide/Character
Biographical information
Political and military information

A brief introduction about the character and his/her background. Shouldn't be detailed. Note: Please name all character articles by their full known name, not their title/rank as well.


In chronological order. List out the character's history (involvement in the war, early life, etc).

Personality and traits

Information regarding the character's personality and traits should be detailed here. "Extra" information about the character's combat style and attitude towards enemies/allies can be added if applicable.


If it applies to the character, this section should be included. If "Identity" is needed, list out Bungie's production notes on the character's identity. If "Appearance" is needed, list out the changes of the character's appearances throughout the Destiny franchise.


Redundant trivia should be avoided. Glitches, Misc Information, and References subsection should be added here.


All images should be included in the gallery section. Images should not be added in the above sections as it is messy.


List of appearances

Create a list of media which the character has appeared in.




Check out examples of some well-written Character pages.