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Looking at the layout guide and combining it with MMO-esque realities, two points of contention:

  • If direct quotes are being used for a character's personality, then it's better to list the quotes themselves. For Banshee's case, his "remember you maybe" comment may indicate a faulty memory...or he's just being snarky. Listing quotes is common for MMO game wikis, and it's less speculative than extrapolating what the quote actually means.
  • Might be prudent to have an "in-game" section to focus on function. Usually I'd put "quotes" as a sub-section of "in-game" in one form or another, but it doesn't necessarily have to have one here.

Anyway, needs discussion. Whatever form character articles take, might as well be standard.--Hawki (talk) 22:49, 21 June 2014 (EDT)