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Boons I grant you, oh bearer mine, but debts must be paid in time.
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Bitter is one series of lore entries that comes in the Lightfall's Collector Edition, alongside Breakdown and Beloved. It contains a series of events between Elsie Bray and the Pouka in the Exos own journey to understand the Darkness.

It was a small ship and, by hope more than reality, a quiet one.

Without Tokki and her off-key humming, the ship felt emptier.

Elsie wasn’t sure how long she had cried——

Elsie planted her feet apart again and braced herself. “One more time.”

“But how did I learn Stasis?” Elsie cupped her curious pet.

Tickling along the sleeping dragon’s tail, bygone scientists had called it. Elsie planned to delicately probe the apocalyptic edges and prayed they wouldn’t awaken it.

Elsie felt the nightmare manifest long before she saw it.

The Crux was broken.

Elsie sat in the dim silence for she knew not how long.