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I shall find a Guardian. The Traveler has willed it so.

Balthazar is an upbeat unpartnered Ghost who resides in The Last City.


Alongside another unpartnered Ghost named Peach, Balthazar was invited by the Peregrine Institute of Higher Learning to give a guest lecture on the nature of the Traveler, Light, and Ghosts. Balthazar was excited by the first question about how they understood the Traveler, answering that he believed the Traveler was their mother. As he began to discuss what his old friend the Ghost of Pujari believed, Peach interrupted him and declared that no one knew what the Traveler was. Balthazar countered that she created them to raise Guardians as defenders of humanity and her, but Peach once more interrupted and disagreed about that being their only purpose and his assigning of pronouns to the Traveler. Unperturbed by the interruptions, Balthazar continued and outlined his belief that the Traveler looked through all of human history and the future to find the greatest champions who would be paired with the Ghosts to complete each of them. He was flabbergasted when Peach stated that would make the Traveler a jerk due to all the Ghosts she knew who died without finding a partner and that she did not feel incomplete. Balthazar ignored her and believed that it was his own shortcomings that had prevented him from finding a Guardian and would follow the Traveler's plan for him.[1]

Another audience member asked if they remembered being in the Traveler. Balthazar insisted he did and that Ghosts called it the Womb, much to the embarrassment and disagreement of Peach. Attempting to describe it, Balthazar said the inside was like a cosmos inside a bottle containing trillions of stars or souls orbiting in a complex weave enclosed within a celestial egg. Peach mocked his continued use of mixed and conflicting metaphors before accusing him of lying about remembering being inside. He criticized her laughing when the next audience member made a statement about Ghosts being a part of the Traveler's divine whole. Another audience member asked what they would do if they never found their Guardian. Balthazar insisted he would as the Traveler had willed it so. He reflected that some Ghosts did die without finding theirs, and that he would then do nothing if that were the case, but he had faith he would find his chosen. The next audience member questioned what they would eat if they could. Balthazar began to answer that as semicorporal beings they did not desire food, but Peach interrupted and began listing a number of foods she was fascinated by and began questioning the audience about what they tasted like, causing Balthazar to wonder if the lecture was almost over.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

"The Traveler, in her omniscient wisdom, looked into the past and the future, and from all the generations that emerged from the cradle of Earth, she chose the best of them to be her champions. Each Ghost was lovingly and carefully created for their one true Guardian. The Ghost and Guardian complete each other."
— Balthazar, discussing his beliefs about the nature of the Traveler, Ghosts, and Guardians

Balthazar was a devout believer in the divinity of the Traveler, whom he referred to as his mother. He believed he was predestined to find a Guardian one day due to the Traveler's will. He did not get along with Peach, finding his fellow Ghost's behavior to be unbecoming of their nature.[1]

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