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" The massive serpentine creature's mouth opened, tasting the air. Its jaws snapped shut with what could have been a chuckle. Wrapping its long body around the obelisk it was coiled around, it spoke, "You seek knowledge then? Information? Yes, yes, yes, you have come to the right place, morsel. "
— Entry in a holopad titled "Searching For Dragons"


A rather strange Ahamkara, one the Vanguard has yet to successfully slay. It claims to be quite old, though it is unclear exactly how old that might be. As the last of its kind, the self titled "oldest" doesn't have much to compare itself to on such a scale. This specific Ahamkara garnered a rather strange reputation for itself before the extermination, making itself known as a source for knowledge and information but refusing to grant wishes beyond that scope. It would not grant Guardians power unless they were looking for power through information. This odd code endeared it to many, and it is suspected it survived the hunts due to several Guardians hiding it or overlooking it.


It seems to have an odd penchant for fleeing at the first sign of conflict rather than holding its territory to the death as most Ahamkara are want to do. For the moment no great effort has gone into tracking the beast down, it seems to make stranger deals than most as well, insisting on only fulfilling specific wishes. A thirst for knowledge is its favorite meal, and those that seek it out are often doing so with questions.