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Basic information
About me
Xbox gamertag
Destiny tidbits
Favorite Destiny moment

Helping a random team complete their first Calus Raid, it was really satisfying to know that the community appreciates you so much for helping people out.

Worst Destiny moment

Spending 2 hours trying to complete 1AU Redux Mission (Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes) by myself. Yeah...not fun. And almost got to the end but killed myself with my own grenade. Didn’t realise until the next day they were meant for 3 people.

Anything else

I accidentally kill myself with my own grenades. A lot.

So I used to play PS4 and I grinded to max level, then my brother got friends on the PS4, so I had to convert to Xbox One, and start all over again. I am the most “grindy” of all my friends, getting to 600 power in Forsaken in the first 4-5 weeks. I also reached 650 power fairly quickly as well. I am not as active with the release of Apex Legends (and soon to be Anthem) but the current Crimson Days has drawn me back, so if you want to play Xbox with me you are more than welcome to. I no longer play PlayStation due to my brother.

I am extremely knowledgeable of the lore of Destiny, it is my focus point and if you want to ask questions I will try to answer to the best of my ability. My favourite lore is the Fallen.

I can play Crucible but I tend to stick to PvE, so I have not got any of the pinnacle PvP weapons, but I grind Iron Banner when it comes out. I play Warlock (If you couldn’t tell by my name) and due to Sunsinger not being playable in D2 (😞) I am a heavy Dawnblade main (but sometimes run Nova Bomb if I need to). I tend to use Last Word, Tatara Gaze and Hammerhead because I can use a sniper and I think shotguns are cheesy. But I also use Blast Furnace, Tempered Dynamo, Inaugural Address, Year 1 Better Devils, Thunderlord and others. About 2 out of 3 months I owned all of the forsaken exotics (trust me, I’m not joking) apart from 1k Voices, and Cerberus, which I got the week before Black Armory. Now a month before Season of the Drifter, I am still missing 1k voices and Anarchy. I have completed Niobe Labs and The Mysterious Datapad.

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