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I am a Ghost

I've been searching for a worthy Guardian for a long time. I was one of the very first Ghosts to be created in the Traveler's Light. Beautiful disaster it was. —Though I've been searching, I've never come across an individual that I wanted to resurrect before. Not that I'm...kinda selfish or anything, I'd just rather have ME instead of a second person, who I obviously wouldn't like. And, I think the Traveler respects my decision. Therefore, instead, I've managed to secure a contract with Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey & Cayde-6, of the Vanguard. They've agreed to let me help them in any way possible, and for my assistance, I would be rewarded coordinates to old battlefields where, maybe, just maybe, worthy...dead...people who I probably would like...hang out? Oh, what am I talking about?! Sorry, let's hear about you :D?