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When the Gates fall
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House of Lions (expansion)




Reef, Asteroid Belt


Stop the Cabal from destroying the Lions' Run

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When the Gates fall is a Story mission in Destiny House of Lions (expansion). It takes place in 2 Pallas during the Star Blazers questline.


  • Head to Lions' Run
  • Defend the base
  • Enter Lions' Run
  • Kill the Commanders
  • Destroy the Tank


{Loading screen}

  • GHOST: Alright, I was able to warn the House of Lions, about this attack, but if we're going to help our allies even more, when need to stop the Cabal. Luckily, after giving those codes, to the Cryptarchs, confirmed that, the leaders of this assault are the Commanders, of the Star Blazers. So all we need to do, is kill the commanders, the Star Blazers will fall apart, and we'll win!


The Guardian lands on 2 Pallas, and runs into Lions' Run.

  • GHOST: Ok, the Lions will have this well protected from any attack, the Cabal will make. So let's go say "hi" to our friends.

The Guardian goes to the Lions' Run, and see multiple camps and fortifications set up around Lions' Run. With a Fallen Servitor guarding the tarps.

  • GHOST: WOW, I guess the Lions don't want the Star Blazers invading their home.

When they approach the Lion Servitor. A Star Blazer Harvester pops up in the area, where it transport a Colossus, tilted "Fallen Base Saboteur" into the place.

  • GHOST: That must be the attackers.

The Guardian kills all 3 Saboteurs surrounding, saving the Lion Guards.

  • GHOST: Now lets enter Hideout

The Guardian quickly enter Lions' Run, in which after heading into the area where the Fallen elevator will take them to Lions' Run. The entrance to the elevator is filled Fallen and Cabal fighting each other. With Legionaries killing some Vandals and Dregs with their Projection Rifles, while Magnusk is confronting a Fallen Base Saboteur and immediately kills them, and runs with a swarm of Shanks to flush out the rest them

  • GHOST: Oh no, they are already here!

The Guardian helps out their Fallen allies and destroy the Cabal invaders and reach to the front of the battle. Where Bracus Jar'uarn, a Cabal Centurion, is fending off with his fellow Soldiers.

  • GHOST: There!, it's one of the commanders, let's get him!

The Guardian quickly attacks the siege leader and kills him

  • GHOST: I'm picking up a heavy transmat, the other Commander is heading our way!

A Harvester later drops off a Goliath Tank, piloted by Bracus Ph'inn.

  • GHOST: And he's in a Tank!...great..

After a intense battle with the Tank, they we able to destroy the Tank. Stopping all of the Cabal siege.

  • GHOST: The Commanders are dead, this siege over! Finally the Star Blazers should be defeated.
  • Cayde-6: Good job, you two, now with them stopped, We will have less problems to deal with in The Reef. Give yourself a pat on the back!

{Mission ends}