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The Obhadr-Zhah

Other name(s):

The Spawn of Zukrox
The Ones from the Void
The Children of Zukrox
The Cosmic Screamers


The Grey Void
Earth (via the Shadow-Wing Cult of the EDZ and the Ktholp'xa Cult of the Tower)


Serve Zukrox
Serve Riven's lingering influence in the Universe
Serve the Darkness
Serve the Spheres

At war with:

The Light
The City
The Sky

Average height:

1 meter (2-32 meters in length)

Average weight:

18 kg to 394 kg


Soft outer flesh
Thin slime covering entire body
Large eyes all over the creature's sides and "back"
Mouths opening up all over the sides and "back"
Can shoot darts with genetic information
Can transfer genetic information via bites

Average lifespan:

5 days to indefinite

Notable individuals:

Ûl-Hyx, the Seed of Madness


"I've been deep in thought over the past years since my transformation... I finally chose the route the Others committed... It looked at me and begun to scream, "Teck-ee! Teck-ee! Teck-ee! Zhan! Zahn! Tecki..."... Somehow, in a way only the Darkness and The Spheres know, I perfectly understood their mad cries and I began to replicate them perfectly as if I was one of them..."
— Zukrox, Sister of Riven

The "Obhadr-Zhah" are a race of alien creatures that worship the Darkness and the powerful Taken/Hive Ahamkara Zukrox, and her older sister, Riven. In Sol, they have a foothold via the Guardians of The Shadow-Wing Cult in the EDZ, and the secretive Ktholp'xa Cult in the hollow parts of the City Walls. Outside of Sol, they exist solely in the Grey Void as servants of Zukrox.


The bodies of the Obhadr-Zhah are relatively similar to that of Worms from the Hive. However, there are a few key differences. Unlike the Worms, the Obhadr-Zhah have large eyes that cover their "back" and sides. These eyes are incredibly similar to the eyes one might find on a squid. The eyes are of various dementions but usually range from a few centimeters to upwards of 1 meter on larger specimens.

On one end of the worm-like body is a tail that is about 1 meter long that is covered in small, 5 centimeter spikes. These spikes actually have a tube if chitin inside them that allows the Obhadr-Zhah (with the help of the pressure of the fluids in its body) to shoot out a dart that can give its victim the genetic information of that particular Obhadr-Zhah.

The "head" of the creature is covered in a thick net of tentacles, each one about 1 meter long. At the end of these tentacles are small mouths.


Unlike their masters Riven and Zukrox, the Obhadr-Zhah can not speak in any language humans can understand. They communicate via loud screams, cries, and rarely, clicking noises. Only Zukrox, Riven, the Darkness, and the few Guardians that follow their teachings can understand their howls.


Even if for only a millisecond, staring into the eyes of a Obhadr-Zhah will drive the viewer into a near state of madness.

If one of the darts penetrates the skin of its victims, a process starts that ultimately sees a new Obhadr-Zhah burst from the victim's chest. The darts function in a very similar way to a virus, in that it injects its genetic information and tells the body to make more of itself until a young Obhadr-Zhah is created.

Notable Individuals[edit]

Ûl-Hyx, the Seed of Madness[edit]

Ûl-Hyx is the strongest of the Obhadr-Zhah and the son of Zukrox. In the Wings of Doubt Dungeon, he guards the entrance into The Colorless Gate.


  • The Obhadr-Zhah are partially inspired by the Yuugs in the Expanded Cthulhu Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft
  • Ûl-Hyx, the Seed of Madness is the only named Obhadr-Zhah