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Forum:Remnant 9,Cosmodrome


Find Forum:Calark, The Collecter
Slay Forum:Talos

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"Told you once, told you twice, TOLD YOU 3 TIMES to back down. Yet no, your “Too Good” for me, huh?"

Sundown is a Dungeon taking place at Remnant 9 in the Cosmodrome


Bosses and Mini Bosses[edit]

Forum:Calark, The Collecter
Forum:Captain Galik
Escaro, Might of Calark
Queris, Labyrinth Keeper TBA

Unique Enemies[edit]


(Dialogue TBA)

Find the Entrance[edit]

  • Search the forgotten shore for the Entrance of a secret lair.

First off, you need to find a dead Servitor surrounded by darkness aura then interact with it, this will cause it to whir to life. It will be counted as an ally(However, it will not fight). Then follow it to a ship. Inside, there will be 2 vandals fighting 4 acolytes. Defeat them and a knight called Secret Keeper will spawn. After death, he will drop an ocean blue engram. Once consumed it will give a buff entrance key and a timer for 1:00. Then follow the Servitor to the water. Suddenly, a hatch will open from the water. Go inside. Once inside, there are a few enemies, clear them out and continue.

Facility Labyrinth[edit]

After entering the labyrinth, you will have to navigate a maze TBC

Broken Bridge[edit]

When you enter, you will see walkers drop in from above and Forum:Captain Garik will be seen hitching a ride from one above. Then, you will hear roars from a door and Forum:Talos and other hive attack. Garik will roar a battle cry, as will other Fallen and they will drop in. I would recommend using close range and prioritize the walkers with Rocket Launchers. Check Garik and Talos’ article on how to defeat them.


After the Broken Bridge encounter, you will head out a gate to a beach area. There will be several Fallen patrols on the beach. Eventually, you will encounter a bunker entrance guarded by an ogre and a few knights fighting two captains and 8 Dregs. Kill them and enter the bunker.

Remnant 9 Transit[edit]

After entering you will come across an area similar to Airlock 6 in the Warden of Nothing strike. However, instead of pikes you get interceptors. After heading through a few trains you will come across a breach area and the ai trains will stop coming. Inside, the remnants of the Fallen security squad there are fighting off against hive, a knight named Aramak will be overseeing and not fight unless provoked. However, if you attempt to leave the room, a fallen will shoot him so he will lockdown the area and engage. He fights like a normal knight.

Remnant 9 Command[edit]

After reaching Remnant 9 command you will be overlooking a huge boss room. However, in the command room, a fallen Captain named Forum:Faliks, Dusk Archon will be seen operating the machines with a small crew. After they are defeated there is more…TBC.

Final Boss[edit]