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Sol Progeny
Biographical information




Sol Divisive


Axis Mind


Minotaur Proselytizer

Combat information


Garden of Salvation


Line Rifle
Bronze Barrack


Open Timestream
Elemental Shields
Aim Deflection
Attack Deflection
Detainment Bubbles
Suppression Field
High Durability
Precision Immunity
Temporal Shockwave
Summon Vex


The Sol Progeny are the protectors of the Black Heart, and the side bosses of the second and final boss encounter of the Garden of Salvation Raid.


Each Sol Progeny Mind is armed with a Line Rifle that causes heavy aim deflection as well as a Bronze Barrack riot shield that blocks and deflects incoming damage. They are also protected by randomly rotating elemental shields and will occasionally trap the player in detainment bubbles, which will instantly kill their target through a suppression field if they are not destroyed quickly enough. They also lack a precision weak spot and will stomp the ground when faced at close range. When they reach a certain health threshold, they will open the Timestream and each gain a unique ability: the Imminent Mind summons red Oracles; the Eschaton Mind teleports; and the Primeval Mind passively regenerates health.