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Unknown, targets Guardians with extreme prejudice

At war with:

House of Light
Imperial Cabal


Collections of dead Ghosts
Light Suppression Field Technologies

Average lifespan:


Notable individuals:


Other names:



The Slayers are an enigmatic alliance of both Fallen and Cabal soldiers found within the shadows of the Sol System. While their true intents, to this day, are unknown, they have been observed pursue and eliminate Guardians, even killing their Ghosts and collecting them as trophies.


Little is known about this faction, let alone anyone behind it or their motives. What is so far known is that the faction became active shortly after the defeat of The Witness and the death of what was left of its disciples. What is abundantly clear is the faction's fixation on the complete and swift elimination of Guardians; as to whether or not this is towards a more sinister goal or they are trophy hunters is still unclear. As the few survivor accounts began to roll in, it soon became clear that the faction was an alliance between highly skilled and well-equipped Fallen and Cabal who have been recorded working together on hunts.

All Slayers show up as ultras, towering over players and immune to all means of debilitating effects such as blind, freezing and suspend. All are equipped with a Suppression device that either hangs from their waist or their back, which they will frequently activate in order to lock players out of their abilities for a prolonged period of time. They will appear in an area with a flash of light and a puff of smoke and begin hunting down any nearby Guardians with extreme prejudice; if no Guardians are nearby or within sight, they will engage any other opponent that has come into contact with them, presumably as a means of covering their trails overall. Other paracausal means are also ineffective against the Slayers, as they can see straight through invisibility and their constant and are not slowed by barrier shields. They are extremely fast and will use this agility constantly to evade their Guardian adversaries. Rather than a slam attack, however, the units will deliver a fatal melee blow with either a shouldered Fallen blade or a wrist sword, depending on the species. Once a Guardian is killed, they will approach their Ghost and disable it, ending whatever run they were a part of until killed. In Outlast activities, however, they, instead, crush the Player's Ghost, ending the run all together. When low enough health, they will activate a strange device and heal themselves all the way back up; they can only do this 3 times, however. In any activity, a Slayer can be defeated through tough combat or can be waited out in an effort to bore them and force them to retreat. In other activities, however, it is advised to try and eliminate them for a chance at a better loot, such as Enhancement Cores/Prisms or even Ascendant Shards.

Known Slayers[edit]


  • Slayer Vandal
  • Slayer Captain
  • Slayer Legionary
  • Slayer Centurion