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Other name(s):

“The Gray Area”
“The Line between Light and Dark”
“Prince of Neutrality”




Paracausal entity





Notable info:

To create the Balance between Light and the Darkness.

There is a area in-between that of the Light and Dark, it is so small, that not even god-like beings can see it, unless they are worthy for it’s attention. We must be the ones to prove our strength to truly bring balance to our universe.

The Shade, also known as The Gray Line or the Balance, is a Paracausal force that acts as a gray line between the Light and the Darkness.


"In the many laws we quietly adhere too without question they come as a package deal, broken down In pairs, twins really, For left there is right, for life there is death, order there is chaos. Creation destruction, I think you get it now Ulan-Tan truly was a guardian before his time, he saw the path, but how to walk it? That’s the measure of the test one must discover within. If laws are meant to be broken, how will you redefine your laws so that you don’t break everything?"
— Azarias The Subverter


The Nature of the Shade[edit]

Elements of Shade[edit]

Like the Light and Dark, the Shade also has their own Elements that represents them. There are three Elements of Shade.

  • Reservoir - This Element functions like that of Water, like Oceans and Rain. This Element has been mentioned to be a bit more close to the Light. The color of this element is Aqua Green.
  • Firmament - This Element functions like that of Air, like Winds or Tornadoes. This Element has been mentioned to be a bit more close to the Darkness. The color of this element is Dark Gray.
  • Resonance - This Element functions like that of Sound, it is the most powerful of all of the Shade Elements, and is very much in the Gray area and fulfills what the Shade’s beliefs are, you must be very worthy to wield this power. The color of this element is Yellow.




  • Although Shade is the successor to Fusion, gameplay wise, Shade was actually made before Fusion lore-wise, and has a similar purpose with Fusion, being that they are the gray line between Light and Darkness. However, unlike Fusion, Shade is more stable and more so in the between than that of Fusion.
  • While it is mainly acquired by completing the Paradox Campaign, it can also be acquired through unlocking Stasis without being corrupted.

List of Appearances[edit]