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Dark Aether

Focal world(s):



Serve The Forsaken
Spread the influence of the Dark Aether via corruption

At war with:

Humanity (Home Universe)
Omega Group (Home Universe)
The Last City


Glowing Eyes
Hellish Screams

Average lifespan:


Notable individuals:

The Forsaken

Other name(s):



Revenants are a race of reanimated bodies and creatures that have either originated from or have been corrupted by the influence of the Dark Aether. Have a lengthy history, the quote-on-quote “Zombies” of the Dark Aether have come and gone under a multitude of different leaders. Currently, they are under the command of an entity known as The Forsaken, who uses them along with his Aetherial powers to corrupt beings and spread the influence of the Dark Aether.

Currently, large swathes of Revenants have been detected across the European Dead Zone, Arcadian Valley, Rathmore Chaos, and Echo Mesa according to Vanguard reports. While it is unknown how exactly the Revenants ended up in Sol, a leading theory hypothesized by Osiris states that the event caused by the Witness's entry into the Traveler that resulted in the appearance of Airy, the Witness's Chosen along with his Taken Aspect entourage maybe be to blame for the appearance of the Revenants.



Many Timelines Ago[edit]

The Place Below Creation[edit]

The Elder Gods[edit]

Arrival of Kazimir[edit]

Cold War[edit]

Entry into Sol[edit]

Clash with the Guardians[edit]


Command Structure[edit]

  • Hellhound - Hellish versions of dogs and hounds corrupted by continued exposure to the Dark Aether, resulting in charred bodies with flames burning about and parts of flesh and bone visible. Are fast, nimble, and can sometimes kamikaze when close enough.
  • Tormentor - Volatile, crystalline beings composed of a more reactive and explosive variant of Aetherium crystals. Will chase down individuals at high speeds, before exploding themselves.
  • Zombie - Reanimated remains of deceased individuals corrupted by continued Dark Aether exposure. Severe skim decomposition, with bones or flesh poking and hanging out. Large abscess also visible, and eyes emit a bright glow. Will attempt to overwhelm individuals in numbers
  • Mimic - Corrupted bodies of individuals exposed to prolonged periods of Dark Aether radiation. Bodies are severely corrupted and mutated to the point that recognition is impossible. Large tentacle appendages pop out from the back, with its head being composed of one singular mouth holding many rows of sharp, jagged teeth, with an aetherial glow emitting from the center. Capable of shapeshifting into items to trick individuals.
  • Tempest - Volatile, crystalline beings entirely composed of Aetherium crystals. Large gaping hole in its head, and is capable of levitation. Can teleport and will shock individuals close enough to it.
  • Disciple - Hooded and cloaked beings originating from within the Dark Aether. Tentacle appendages appear from its back and bottom, as it emits a reddish-orangish-pinkish hue around its body. Capable of levitation and can enhance other nearby Revenant units.
  • Mangler - Reanimated by remains of super soldiers from a bygone era. Decomposition is about the same level as regular Zombies. Notable distinction is the layers of armor the body is hidden behind. Manglers are equipped with a Shockwave Cannon on one hand and a pair of sickles on the other. Are formidable opponents and sometimes command swarms of Zombies and other Dark Aether entities.
  • Megaton - Corrupted remains of volunteers from a bygone era. Massive and hulking beings that grow a distinct green due to radiation exposure. Are capable of hurling projectiles and explosives entirely composed of radiation and can split into two halves when defeated. Usually seen commanding hordes of Revenants.
  • Kransy Soldat - Reanimated remains of miners from a bygone era. Bodies command a large mech-like suit fitted on them, with upgrades made from an unknown source. Equipped with jet boosters and Solar-based weaponry such as flamethrowers and explosive projectiles. Commands hordes of Revenants and other units.
  • Abomination - Large, Cerberus-like creatures originating from the Dark Aether. Sports three heads similar to those of Mimics, and bears a spike tail that it can use as a weapon. Will relentlessly charge and attack individuals, and is capable of shooting out Aetherial beams from its heads.
  • Orda - Large beings composed of many individuals, all mutated into one towering abomination. Is capable of devastating melee attacks, can shoot out Hellhounds from its fist, and is capable of releasing swarms of scorching gnats at individuals.

Named Individuals and Mini-Bosses[edit]



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