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"When the poison courses through your body and with your last breath nearing, you will know that your light will die with you."
— Reklis, Scorpion Archon
Reklis, Scorpion Priest
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House of Scorpions







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Poison Chamber


Shock Repeater


Double Arc Shield
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Grab Guardians
Slam Throw
Poison Gas
Summon Fallen


Reklis, Scorpion Priest is the Archon of the House of Scorpions, as well as the lieutenant general of the Scorpions' military. He is also the personal guard of their Prime, Krelix.


Reklis has long served as the House of Scorpions' Archon and has a reputation for his brutal demeanor and cruel experiments. Rumors suggest Reklis used a traceless poison to kill his predecessor, something that Reklis neither confirmed nor denied. For years, Reklis had created new and deadly chemical concoctions which he would test them on prisoners from rival houses or on his own troops who angered him. For this, members of the House of Scorpions live in near dread of him.

With the recent conflict that brought his House into the open, Reklis is eager to use his new weapons and abilities on the Devils and the Hive. Secretly he hopes to capture a Guardian alive and experiment on them to find a way to use their abilities or at least discover a means to better combat them. Reklis vows he will not share the same fate like other Fallen Archons who faced the Guardians.


Reklis is the first boss of the Poison Chamber Raid, but he is capable of putting down Guardians with ease thanks to the abilities he has been granted.

Shock Repeater[edit]

Reklis' personal weapon is a Shock Repeater, a Fallen-made machine gun capable of discharging bullets at up 1200 RPM. These bullets have a high velocity and have a small degree of tracking akin to a Shock Rifle. Reklis' weapon is highly effective against the Guardians shields. Reklis will lose this weapon after taking 50% of his health

Inferno Launcher[edit]

After losing half of his health, Reklis will utilize a new personal weapon, the Inferno Launcher. In principal, its very similar to the Shrapnel Launcher but it is highly upgraded, with a higher rate of fire and a secondary function. It fires Solar rounds that embed themselves onto whatever they land on. After 5 seconds, the shrapnel will explode, which will nearly kill the players instantly.

Double-Layered Arc Shield[edit]

Reklis is equipped an Arc shield that has two layers. This will require constant Arc damage to be laid down on him, both ability and weapon. However, removing both of these layers will stun him for 30 seconds.

Grab and Throw[edit]

Unlike most Archons, which retaliate against close range attackers with an Ultra Smash, Reklis will grab them. The player that has been grabbed has five seconds to shoot him enough until they are violently thrown towards the ground, killing them instantly.

Poison Gas[edit]

Reklis made his own form of poison gas: a nerve agent. After the damage phase, he will release the chambers which will flood the room full of a poison that will slow down Guardians similar to a Web Mine. However, its most dangerous effect is that it disorients Guardians, causing them to make the opposite actions than intended. This will linger for 30 seconds.