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Praviks, the Veteran
Biographical information





Political and military information


House of Devils (formerly)
Castris's Criminal Empire (currently)



Notable info:

Fought in almost every battle the House of Devils partook in
Member of the Criminal Empire's Inner Circle


"Name a battle, any battle! Anywhere my brothers and sisters of House Devils fought, I was there! I expect just about anything and everything, kiddos, because I survived them! But I imagine some of you might have something new to prepare me, AND I EAGERLY ACCEPT THEM ALL! Haha!"
— Praviks to his new recruits

Praviks, the Veteran is a Fallen Baron of Castris's Criminal Empire well known for his experience on the battlefield he acquired from the countless battles his previous house, the House of Devils, fought in, such as the battles of Six Fronts and Twilight Gap. Despite his years of combat, he's known for his rather friendly and energetic and, at the same time inspirational personality, though none of the above undermines his expansive knowledge in combat tactics.