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On Titan
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Other name(s):

Young Wolf
Queen of Hearts
Queen of Stars
Hero of The Red War
The Mother









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Political and military information


Clan Dying Light (Queen)
The City


Clan Leader (Queen)


Titan (Sentinel) (Sunbreaker) (Berserker)

Notable info:

Leader and founder of Clan Dying Light
Legendary Titan
Husband to Shaxx
Husband to Cayde-6
Husband to Pulsar-11
Father to Star (Alasiks)
Father to Comet, Adored-By-All
Father to Ace, Hunter Vanguard
Father to Kookaburra (Birdie)
Father to June, City's Beloved
Creator of the Suneater
Holder of the Sun Diamond
Owner and pilot of the Morning Star


This page is intended to IMITATE a Destinypedia page and depicts a NON-CANON character. There are details that are CANON-DIVERGENT. This page is a WIP.

"There's about a million things I worry about, and you are not one of them. So I'd quit worryin' if I were you."
— Nebula-10

Nebula-10 is an Exo Guardian and the leader of the Clan Dying Light, in which he is also the founder. He is aided by the Ghost Pup. He came to the Last City after many years of surviving in the wilderness in what used to be North America in pursuit of a 'higher calling.' He is incredibly popular owing not just to his marital status, but his deeds. He is also incredibly kind, often taking in New Lights and guiding them on their way, and even offering them places in his Clan. He is one of the most powerful Guardians to have ever lived.



"They called me Eustace. It means 'Steadfast.' It's like my parents have a lot of hope for me in the future or something."
— Eustace

Eustace was born to a successful businesswoman and a kind-natured father sometime during the Golden Age. Quiet and meek by nature, he often kept his distance from many other children growing up and was often lonely as a result. He was incredibly bright as a child, with a particular passion for astrophysics and astronomy and a dream to one day aid Golden Age scientists in their research in regards to the Traveler. He was close to both of his parents.

At the age of 16, his mother died suddenly and without a discernable cause, leading him to abandon high school early in favour of taking control of his mother's company before its acquisition by BrayTech. His father fell into heavy drinking in his grief, and Eustace began working from home to oversee his father's care before, under his father's encouragement, he resumed his education. Eustace graduated high school with full honours at the age of 22.

Again, with his father's encouragement, he left home to pursue college across the country, pursuing a Ph.D. in astrophysics. However, after only three years in school, he would be summoned back home by his father, who had relapsed. Eustace resumed care of his father, growing closer to him despite his deteriorating state. During this time, Eustace would sell his mother's company to BrayTech in order to better pay for his father's treatment and additional expenses, alongside handing the company off to people much more experienced than he was.

Despite the quiet albeit messy life Eustace led, he still yearned to return to school and finish his Ph.D.. At this time, however, he would be approached in writing by Clovis Bray, who offered to Eustace the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a revolutionary science program, and in exchange, BrayTech will fund any pursuits he may have. Eustace wrote back, accepting the offer with the anticipation of finishing his education, funding his father's care and possibly earning a job with BrayTech's space programs. He will leave home for the final time, heading to Europa.

Life In A New Body[edit]

"You're stuck with me, you know."
— Nebula-1

Eustace arrived on Europa and was subsequently brought to the Deep Stone Crypt, where he would be subjected to the Exomind program. He would take the name Nebula, considering it something much more fitting considering his circumstances, and his love of space. Nebula-1 maintained much of Eustace's gentle, meek nature. While on Europa and living on Eventide in anticipation of returning home, he resumed his education. He was bunked with another freshly-minted Exo, who wrote constantly in journals and was often bothered by Nebula's presence, going as far as calling him "My favourite parasite, after ringworm, rats with the plague, and Clovis Bray." Nebula, however, was kind to the other and often reached out to him. Despite his annoyances, Cayde would entertain conversation with him and had even written about him in his journals before departing for his installment at the Ishtar Collective.

Eventually, Nebula earned his doctorate in astrophysics. He will leave Eventide for a celebratory vacation, which was to be an Earth-wide tour, where he would ultimately meet his fate while skiing in what used to be North America when he was crushed to death by an avalanche.

Pre-Guardian Days[edit]

"If I don't remember, the coyotes will. They always will. "
— Nebula-9

Nebula was resurrected by the Ghost in the middle of a brutal winter. Naked and defenceless he would trudge into the forest, ignoring the Ghost's attempts at trying to guide him towards the Last City. Here, Nebula would make a home for himself, living off of the land and scavenging for survival, often avoiding nomad trails and camps. He would take up residence in a small cave near a river.

During the spring of that following year when the thaw came, Nebula came across two coyotes stuck in a hunter's traps. One was already dead. The other beside it was still alive and struggling, with fur whiter than the melting snow around her and bright blue eyes. Struck by the animal's beauty and an overwhelming urge to help her, Nebula released her from the trap and hauled her over his shoulders, even though she snapped at him and thrashed. He brought her away from the traps so that she would not end up stuck again, and returned to the trap with the other coyote. He would take its pelt and bones.

Nebula would return to the wounded white coyote and carry her to a nearby cave he was staying in at the time, noting how she didn't flee, most likely due to the wound in her leg. Nebula would take it upon himself to nurse her back to health, anticipating that she will leave by the time the summer came if her wound does not kill her. While she remained in the cave, Nebula would hunt for her and forage for himself. Eventually, the coyote ended up bonding with Nebula, and he called her Bright-Eyes-Painted-Sky. She would give birth to four puppies under his care, presumably the pups belonging to the dead coyote that he now wore the pelt of. He would care for both the pups and their mother. One day, he would return to the cave to see his Ghost sleeping surrounded by the pups. This would earn the Ghost his name, Pup.

Come the winter, Nebula, Bright-Eyes-Painted-Sky and her four pups would leave the cave they were living in and head southwards. Along the way, he would procure more coyote friends, and even changed his mannerisms -- moving along the ground on all fours, howling and barking, and rarely speaking.

During this time and the subsequent years, Nebula would follow nomads from a distance, often followed by the yipping and barking of the coyotes that followed him. He would steal from them when they would stop at night and made a point to be rarely seen, earning him a mythological status, and both nomads and Hunters alike told stories of a mysterious Coyote Man -- sometimes a half-man-half-coyote monster, sometimes a shapeshifter, and sometimes simply a wild man that wore the fur of a coyote. He still avoided contact, save for the time he ran into a young nomad girl sent to forage by her father, who offered him dried, salted meat.

Nebula's final settlement during his time living in the wild was in lush plains -- a large cave that disappeared under the earth with a yawning mouth and fresh groundwater flowing through it, with a small slit created by the rock above to let in light and air. Not long after their arrival, Bright-Eyes-Painted-Sky would pass away under his care. He would begin wearing her pelt and bones.

While living in this cave, Nebula would befriend a small herd of wild horses, a grizzly bear, and a small herd of bison, and it was not uncommon to see bats and birds in and around his cave.

His clothing was fashioned out of hide and held together with shards of bone. His tools and weapons were also made of bone and stone, one of which being the Horns of The Bison Exotic bow. He would pass time by painting the walls of this cave, now dubbed the Den, in a style similar to prehistoric cave paintings. These paintings often depicted animals he's encountered, but also nomads, Eliskni and Cabal.

Over the many years he spent in the wild, he would reboot eight times. Upon his ninth total reboot, he would resolve to finally leave his life in the wilderness and pursue what he thought of as his 'true calling,' the reason he was brought back by his Ghost. His Ghost would appear to chide Nebula for taking so long to decide to leave for the City.

While searching for a means to leave, he would run into a group of Hunters -- another Exo by the name of Cernunnos, a pair of humans named Fjalar and Gjalar, and a dishevelled-looking Awoken named Rosé. Cernunnos would bring him to the City, thus his days in the wild were mostly over.

Arrival To The City[edit]

"FINALLY! You decide to listen to me! Only took you, what, several decades?"
— Pup

Nebula's arrival to the City happened not long after the events of The Battle of Six Fronts. He spoke little, relying on his Ghost to speak for him, and assisted the people of the City with reconstruction efforts. Taking up the mantle of Titan, Nebula would begin to train his Light first as a Striker and then as a Sentinel, giving up Arc entirely in favour of pouring all his attention into Void.

A New Life[edit]

In Destiny[edit]


The Dark Below[edit]

"I promise, nothing's gonna happen to me, Three-Eyes. You can stop fussing over me, now."
— Nebula-10

House of Wolves[edit]

"It calls itself a Queen. A Queen with no crown."
Queen Mara Sov

The Taken King[edit]

"...Can you really blame him?"
— Nebula-10

Rise of Iron[edit]

In Destiny 2[edit]

Destiny 2[edit]

Red War[edit]

"Waking up every day knowing I gotta go, I gotta leave 'em behind... And I worry that I-- they'll, never see me again."
— Nebula-10

Nebula was present in the Tower during the attack on the Last City, accompanied by his children, then four years old. They were bringing a box of doughnuts and drinks to the meeting Vanguard when the attack happened, Nebula and his kids just barely making it to Zavala's Ward of Dawn in time. Cayde demanded that Nebula get the children out of there and as far as possible, promising that he would catch up to them when he could. Ikora demands that Cayde pay attention and ready himself as he says his farewells and promises to both Nebula and the twins. Hoisting Ace onto his back and picking up Kookaburra, Nebula successfully fled under the cover of the ensuing chaos and joined the evacuating civilians, many of them en-route to the Farm.

After settling in, Nebula would leave his children in the care of Cernunnos, Fjalar, Gjalar and Rosé while he went to regroup with the Vanguard and Shaxx.

Curse of Osiris[edit]



"The Queen of Hearts tore a hole in the sky. She plucked away the stars, and she ate the Sun. We stood under an artificial eclipse knowing that it was no war, it was no negotiation. It was a witchhunt."
— Song of The Suneater, Ch.1
Season of The Outlaw[edit]
Season of The Forge[edit]
Season of The Drifter[edit]
Season of Opulence[edit]


Season of The Undying[edit]
Season of Dawn[edit]
Season of The Worthy[edit]
Season of Arrivals[edit]

Beyond Light[edit]

Season of The Hunt[edit]
Season of The Chosen[edit]
Season of The Splicer[edit]
Season of The Lost[edit]

The Witch Queen[edit]

Season of The Risen[edit]
Season of The Haunted[edit]

"...Of course it would be you. It's always you."
— Nebula-10
Season of Plunder[edit]

— Nebula-10
Season of The Seraph[edit]

"I think you're all fucking crazy. Luckily for you, I've got a few screws loose myself -- let's get Ras a body."
— Nebula-10


"Time will rust, stars will scream, and light will fall. I'll hunt the Emperor. I've done it before."
— Nebula-10
Season of Defiance[edit]
Season of The Deep[edit]
Season of The Witch[edit]

The Final Shape[edit]

Personality and Traits[edit]

"He'd lay down his life for just about anyone, big heart, about yea tall, super sweet? Talks the big talk? That's him."
— Cayde-6



  • Nebula is the player-character of user CaydeOfSpaydes. He was the first Destiny character ever created by him.
    • Additionally, Cayde's Bungie username is derived from Nebula -- that username being Nebby10.
  • He was designed first, named second, and developed third.
    • His colors are intended to invoke certain nebulae, such as the Helix Nebula or the Dumbbell Nebula, hence his name.
    • The word nebula means "fog" or "cloud." Nebulae are both stellar graveyards and stellar nurseries, reflecting Nebula's role as a caretaker, a soldier, and instrumental in the development of several other characters.
  • Nebula does not have a definitive voice, but rather according to his creator, "Whatever you think he sounds like is good."
  • There are multiple variants of Nebula, one such being his in-game counterpart.
  • He was named after The Lament Of Eustace Scrubb by the Oh Hellos, which is in turn about the character of Eustace Scrubb from C.S. Lewis' Chronicles Of Narnia.
    • Additionally, elements of his character are in part inspired by both the song and the character.
  • He has an official playlist, which can be listened to and saved here. Many of the songs selected reflect elements of his character, such as grief, death, love, and others. Consider it a musical snapshot of him and his development.
  • One of Nebula's nicknames, Nebby, is in fact, not a reference to the Pokemon of the same name.
  • Nebula as the Coyote Man is a reference to the songs The Marriage Of Coyote Woman and The Death Of Coyote Woman by All Them Witches. Subsequently, both songs appear on his playlist.
    • The character of Coyote Man is also inspired by numerous mythological creatures, figures and tropes.


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List of Appearances[edit]

Game Appearances[edit]

  • Destiny (First Appearance)
    • Destiny
    • The Dark Below
    • House of Wolves
    • The Taken King
    • Rise of Iron
  • Destiny 2
    • Destiny 2 (Lore Only)
    • Curse of Osiris (Lore Only)
    • Warmind (Lore Only)
    • Forsaken (Lore Only)
      • Season of The Outlaw (Lore Only)
      • Season of The Forge (Lore Only)
      • Season of The Drifter (Lore Only)
      • Season of Opulence (Lore Only)
    • Shadowkeep
      • Season of The Undying (Lore Only)
      • Season of Dawn (Lore Only)
      • Season of The Worthy (Lore Only)
      • Season of Arrivals (Lore Only)
    • Beyond Light
      • Season of The Hunt (Lore Only)
      • Season of The Chosen (Lore Only)
      • Season of The Splicer (Lore Only)
      • Season of The Lost (Lore Only)
    • The Witch Queen
      • Season of The Risen (Lore Only)
      • Season of The Haunted
      • Season of Plunder (Lore Only)
      • Season of The Seraph
    • Lightfall
      • Season of Defiance
      • Season of The Deep
      • Season of The Witch

Written Appearances[edit]

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