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Myrhiss, the Enforcer
Biographical information





Political and military information


House of Lions (formerly)
Castris's Criminal Empire


Lion Enforcer (formerly)
Baroness (currently)

Notable info:

Once a notable House Enforcer to the House of Lions before her presumed death
Member of the Criminal Empire's Inner Circle


"Someone finally understands how power should truly be used. Let the underlings run free and do what is to be done for their house, let them enjoy that freedom. But never let them forget that any slip-up results in due punishment."
— Myrhiss explaining her philosophy

Myrhiss, the Enforcer is a Fallen Baron of Castris's Criminal Empire known for her strict, yet respectable leadership, as well as her personally designed Barrier Gauntlet technology. She's known for a cold, domineering personality, though she has displayed a serious yet caring personality for those who she trusts, shares her status or supersedes her position.