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Last Breath

Other name(s):

The Guardian's Suicide


Outside Time




To give Guardians a final battle before their death.


Irrvian, the Lore-Ridden

Notable information:

Has killed over a thousand Guardians



The Last Breath gamemode in which the player and their Fireteam are sent into endless waves of minions of the Darkness however you can customize what enemy you fight, what stage you fight them at, and the difficulty. You can also customize the bosses that can spawn with it, if/when another enemy faction invades to battle the current faction and the player along with the chance of them spawning every 1-10 minutes or just once, twice, three, or infinite times.


The story behind Last Breath is that the Ahamkara named Irrvian survived the Great Ahamkara Hunt and created the Kápoios Pou Pethaínei also known as The One Who Dies. Kápoios Pou Pethaínei overtime became known as 'Last Breath' by the Guardians and is used by Guardians who want a final death in action.

Gamemodes and Rewards[edit]

There's two types of Last Breath, General Wish and Dream Come True. General Wish are ten preset indefinite fights and there are four difficulty levels in general wish. From easiest to hardest they go Prey, Predator, Destroyer, and Chosen. While Prey, Predator, and Destroyer are simple difficulty switch with different troops; Chosen is where if you die and you're in a Fireteam, you stay dead. Along with that, all damage from Guardians are halved and enemy attacks do twice the damage. Upon a game's completion, you get rewards depending on how many troops you've killed, how long you lasted, and the types of troops you killed. And depending on the difficulty, you'd get either tier one, tier two, tier three, or steel metals that you can exchange to Irrvian for rewards.

Dream Come True is where you can fully customize your experience and run wild, however you will receive no rewards.

Lists of Bosses[edit]


  • Zeenoh, Forsaken Captain
  • Yveln, Lost Archon
  • Blvelion, Disgraced Vandal
  • Servention, Primed Servitor
  • Rusted Shank


  • Jironven, Bonded Priest
  • Fregaxis, Corrupted Witch
  • Sareen, Voice of the Lost
  • The Silent Voice
  • Wretched Eyes


  • Greadex, Broken Mind
  • Thyiox, Fractured Might
  • Dreag, the Proto Hypergon
  • Viodon, Rusted Mind


  • Valus Tru'Vurc
  • Primus Ve'Treac
  • Val Cre'Sor
  • Valus Ve'Sor
  • Psion Flayers


  • Valus Eth'Ver
  • Sekross, Fallen Seer
  • Breethos, Corrupted Mind
  • Cressoth, Booming Corruption
  • Eresso, Wrath of Seevo


  • Assassin Draug
  • Fikrul's Chosen
  • Nekrin
  • Reanimated Huntsman
  • Fialk, Reksis' Successor