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Impulse is an elemental manifestation of Darkness, in a similar manner to Stasis and Strand. It is related to increasing entropy and manifests itself as pulsating fissures of red-tinged Darkness. In keeping with the Darkness’ connection with thoughts and consciousness, it embodies the concept of psychic rebellion and infectious resistance, in direct opposition to Stasis’s concept of ultimate authority, and Resonance’s concept of unified will.


Impulse was first discovered by the Lucent Brood in an attempt to subvert and “steal” Stasis from the Guardians. Balwûr, Daughter of Savathûn and now a Lightbearer, dove deep into the lore of Oryx’s twin daughters and tried to fold this knowledge with their Light. Her experiments succeeded in imbuing her with chaotic pulsating energy, which she uses to begin besieging Rhulk’s Pyramid.

The Young Wolf is part of the fireteam that is called by Mara Sov to investigate this surge of activity in Savathûn’s Throne World. They eventually discover that the Lucent Brood has learned to wield the Darkness and is using it to attempt a takeover of Rhulk’s Pyramid in an effort to reclaim the dead Worm Mother inside.

The fireteam crosses paths with Balwûr, and the Dark Witch attempts to kill the Guardians with Impulse. In doing so, however, she inadvertently imbues them with the same power she is using, forcing her to flee while other Lucent Lightbearers covered her retreat. Ghost notices that when any of the Lucent LIghtbearers are hit by Impulse abilities used by the fireteam, their Light becomes “tainted” by it, causing their Light-based abilities to turn into Impulse as well.

Later, Eris Morn and the Drifter decode the notes stolen from Balwûr’s laboratory chambers and help the Young Wolf master Impulse, first by understanding its place in the Darkness, and then by discovering how to channel its chaotic power to inhibit hostile Lightbearers rather than alter their abilities.



Conductor Titans use Impulse to create quaking impacts, pulling in enemies before crushing them with reverberant force. During their Super, Crescendo Cascade the Titan throws a large Impulse-infused hammer that rips through the fabric of reality until it collides with the environment, Detonating enemies caught in its path. Enemies near the hammer’s landing point will also be Primed by the shockwave of its impact. The hammer can be picked up again and thrown by the Titan until they run out of Super energy.

Virtuoso Hunters use Impulse to dance between their targets as shockwaves pelt them from all sides. Their super, Dissonant Deathstrike, allows them to manifest a long katana of pure Impulse energy. They can then dash through enemies and slice them apart, Priming any targets that survive. When the Super ends all Primed targets Detonate.

Composer Warlocks use Impulse by infusing themselves with it, allowing them to slice targets at long range with blade-point precision using their charged melee. At close range, their charged melee changes to a Pulse blast that Primes and pushes targets away. Their super, Aerial Amplitude, launches them into the air to allow them to dive straight at their enemies, colliding to cause large Pulse explosions and generating Fissures.


  • Pulse – A destabilizing explosion. Builds over time from continuous damage, Detonating past a critical point. Stuns Unstoppable.
  • Prime – Targets hit by a Pulse explosion or Detonation shockwave are Primed. Primed targets are slowed and take additional damage from Impulse sources. They also release additional Pulses when hit with Impulse damage. Primer Rounds fired from Impulse weapons steal health and shields and can stun Overload.
  • FissureFissures form when a Primed target is defeated by Detonation. Fissures slowly decay and deal damage over time in waves in an area if left alone. They can be Detonated by being shot at to release a burst of damage that pushes enemies back, destroying the Fissure in the process. The properties of the Fissure can be altered by grenades. Fissures cannot be picked up.
  • Detonation – Caused when a Fissure or Primed target is dealt sustained damage with Impulse or a Pulse explosion.


Vacuum Grenade: Forcefully pull affected targets together. They take additional damage if they impact each other due to the pull, are Primed, or are being affected by a Fissure. Alters any Fissures in its radius of effect to pull in targets rather than push them away, and instantly Detonates them.

Percussion Grenade: Pushes enemies back with a low damage blast before Detonating them with a Pulse explosion. Alters Fissures in its radius to “stick” to those enemies, dealing Impulse damage over time.

Soulsap Grenade: Steals the vitality of combatants hit by the blast and grants a temporary overshield based on the damage caused. Alters Fissures in its radius to heal allies with each Pulse and doubles their duration once.