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Erishkigal Project


Ishtar Sink, Venus

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Ishtar Commons


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The Erishkigal Project is a Lost Sector located in the Ishtar Sink on Venus located in the Ishtar Commons. Once a dedicated lab for the Ishtar Collective's research on the Vex captured from the local Vex Nexus and and Waking Ruins, as well as attempting to map out the Vault of Glass. During it's abandonment following the Collapse, the Vex prisoners would break free and seize control over the labs, eventually calling for an advanced Wyvern frame, Axiopoios, Retriever Mind, to discover their former captors discoveries.



After descending into the elevator shaft and into the shattered holes in the floor, players should find themselves in a Vex-corrupted Human lobby with a stony Vex-block infected desk and statue of Ishtar, with a circular stairwell leading upstairs. After deposing the Vex protectors, from both cadres of Goblins and Harpies and Hobgoblin snipers on distant balconies, players can progress up the stairs and find themselves in combat against a squad of Harpies and Goblins led by a Minotaur in a massive room with various elevator doors with a Vex walled off one in the second furthest back right. After dealing with multiple waves of enemies, including a squad of Harpies and Minotaurs and a squad of Goblins, Hobgoblins and Wyverns. After dispatching the enemy squads, access to the elevators should open up, permitting access deeper into the Ishtar Collective's secret labs. Going deeper into the infested halls, players should encounter a horde of Supplicants coming around the hall's corner in an effort to take the intruders with them. After getting past the Supplicants, players should find themselves in what appears to be a prison ward with numerous transfer gates hidden in different corners. After destroying them, players should have access to a final operating room with a circular Dias in the back of the room and destroyed probing arms hanging above it, with the Axis Mind Axiopoios standing above it, with a circular barrier surrounding it, as well as a wall behind it. After dispatching the enemies within the former examination room and the balconies above, the circular barrier should fall, exposing the Ultra Wyvern to damage. After defeating Axiopoios and it's protectors, the barrier in the back should fall and the players may open the cache in the back.

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