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Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return
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Last Wish


Taken Tracer
Taken Bombard
Taken Gatling
Taken Howitzer
Taken Mace


Ahamkara Dome
Bullet Deflection
Taken Detonator
Blackout Effect
Weary-Eyed Debuff
Polluted Light
Weapon Slowdown
Deafness Effect
Staggering Effect
Dizziness Debuff
Prismatic Breath
Burning Debuff
Reddened Vision
Shocking Effect
Shield Reduction
Corrosion Debuff
Poison Effect
Recovery Reduction
Hypothermia Debuff
Petrified Debuff
Blindness Effect
Displacement Debuff
Ahamkara Jaws
Ahamkara Venom
Ahamkara Slash
Laceration Debuff
Ahamkara Gale
Void Axion Dart
Suppression Debuff
Corrupted Essence
The Wish Ender
High Durability
Rapid Midair Flight
Summon Taken


Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return is a Taken Ahamkara that appears as the final boss of the Forsaken Raid, Last Wish.


Main Attacks[edit]

Dul Incaru is armed to the teeth with multiple weapon systems for engaging several targets at once. Her head-mounted Taken Tracer beam rifle fires a deadly beam that attaches a Taken Detonator on its target if it is evaded; the detonator immediately explodes and deals 50% of the player's health in damage; those who survive are inflicted with a brief blackout effect. Mounted on her back is a Taken Bombard missile turret, which launches large and slow-moving, but high-explosive Darkness warheads that release large Taken energy circles upon detonation; contact with these circles inflicts the Weary-Eyed debuff, which blurs the screen and removes the radar for a short time. Accompanying this is a Taken Howitzer, that fires a trio of large Blights into the air before falling to the ground, releasing wide energy spheres upon detonation which, on contact, inflicts the Weapon Slowdown debuff, dramatically reducing the handling and firing speeds on the player's equipped weapon. On the sides are dual Taken Gatling machine guns that fire a suppressive stream of high-impact Void Shredder bolts which inflict a stacking debuff called Polluted Light, briefly putting the player's ability recharge on hold; each stack increases the debuff's duration by 5 seconds. Facing Dul Incaru from the back means facing her Taken Mace mounted on her tail, which instantly crushes its opponents to death on a direct hit; those that survive the shockwave are dizzied, deafened, and staggered all at once.

Aside from her mounted weaponry, Dul Incaru also relies on her natural abilities to combat Guardians. She is capable of firing a Prismatic Breath beam from her mouth, which releases 7 differently colored, highly-damaging rays of light with varying effects: red inflicts a heavy burning effect that reddens the player's vision with every tick of damage dealt; blue inflicts a heavy shocking effect and reduces shield capacity by 75%; orange inflicts a corrosion debuff that reduces the player's resilience value by 100% and reduces their overall health by 50%; green inflicts a heavy poison effect and reduces the player's recovery value by 100%; white inflicts a hypothermia debuff that reduces the player's mobility value by 100% as well as severely reducing their overall movement speed and jamming their equipped weapon; indigo makes the player petrified to render them completely unable to perform any maneuvers at all; violet inflicts a blindness effect on the target and teleports them to another random location. Occasionally, she will also bite the player and inject them with a venom that renders them in a prone position and slowly but surely dwindles their overall health; additionally, she will use her claws to slash opponents open, causing them to bleed profusely while disabling their melee attacks due to the lacerations. If need be, she may even use her wings to create strong gales that can push her targets away and eviscerate them with high-speed winds.

Dome Mechanic[edit]

Initially, Dul Incaru is protected by a large, impenetrable energy dome that blocks and deflects all incoming attacks, allowing her to unleash all her attacks from within. While fending off hordes of lesser Taken enemies summoned by Major Taken Techeuns, one random Guardian will be imbued with the "Dreaming Flames" buff; only the one who has the buff is able to kill the Techeuns. There are three varieties of Techeun: Electric, Flaming, and Null, denoted by the type of magic attacks they use; they can be killed in any order. Upon death, the Techeuns will spawn white flaming orbs that the "Dreaming Flames" player must pick up and throw at one of three elemental chandeliers above each of the three platforms required to get to the top floor. The chandeliers must be broken in the reverse order that the Techeuns were killed; if the wrong chandelier is destroyed or it takes more than ten seconds to destroy a chandelier, the process is reset.

Once all the platforms are built, an extra platform will appear on top of the dome; this will fade out of existence if another player doesn't step on the third platform. The top player will start to see symbols flash before them: the Traveler, the Skorn, the Taken, and the Queen's Wrath; no one else will be able to see these symbols. Meanwhile, glyphs representing the symbols will activate on each corner of the bottom floor of the arena; the symbols on the top are highlighted in a clockwise order, whereas the glyphs on the bottom must be stood on in a counterclockwise order. Those on the top floor will have to contend with Taken Hobgoblins and Taken Vandals elevated on distant rocks, which act as high-priority targets. If the glyphs are stood on in the wrong order, then the team has 20 seconds to get the correct sequence before the order resets, and if a glyph is stepped on too early, the order is reset immediately. As the glyphs are stood on, mountable cannons will start to rise but will not be usable until their white flaming orbs have been claimed from those who are opposite to the cannons' positions; the flaming orbs will be on pedestals that are each near the cannons. After everyone on the bottom floor has grabbed an orb, they must throw it at the dome to break it.

Cannon Mechanic[edit]

After the dome breaks, Dul Incaru will take to the skies and bombard the arena with high-explosive Axion Darts that suppress their targets' abilities upon detonation. The cannons can only be used by those who stood on the glyphs; tagging Dul Incaru with a successful hit from the cannon will hold her in place, make her vulnerable to damage for 15 seconds at a time, and grant an overall damage boost to the person that landed the shot. After a cannon lands a successful shot, it becomes disabled, and after all four cannons are disabled, Dul Incaru returns to the center of the arena and reforms her energy dome.

Corrupted Essence[edit]

After her health reaches 50%, Dul Incaru switch strategies. She casts an overshield on herself, hovers over the arena to use all of her weapons and abilities in a more direct manner, and inflicts one player at random with the Corrupted Essence debuff, which distorts their vision and automatically kills them in 30 seconds if they fail to bring down her overshield. The debuff passes to another random Guardian after the shield refreshes. After all Guardians in the arena break her shield at least once each, she tires out and becomes vulnerable to damage for 20 seconds before activating her shield again.

Wish Ender[edit]

As her health nears 1%, Dul Incauru will return to the center of the arena and begin to charge up her Wish Ender spell, which will automatically kill the entire team in 20 seconds if she is not brought down for good.