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"An experimental abomination by Siriks, it already had Wyverns, yet it decided a Hydra with legs needed to exist."
— Unknown Guardian




Zodiac Aria


Heavy Infantry



Combat information


Aeon Maul


Warp Dive
Aeon Stomp
Shield Projection


Cockatrices are heavy infantry units of the Zodiac Aria collective of Vex.


Cockatrices are massive bulky abominations of Minotaurs fused with Hydras, with new abilities that their Vex Axis Mind, Siriks, gave them. They are capable of fast sprint rushdowns, or protective defenses and serve as the Zodiac Aria's strongest infantry.


Cockatrices tend to come in herds, all dedicated to a single goal, whether it's a rushdown or defensive strategy, it's easy to predict however as all Cockatrices of the herd follow the same command, one charges, they all charge, one retreats, they all retreat. They tend to be easily avoided however due to their short attention spans and easy-to-distract nature.

While in combat, they tend to stay at medium range, firing their Aeon Maul at their opponents while placing their shield, which originally orbited them, in front of their allies to protect them, or themselves if they cannot find any allies or are threatened. However they and quickly warp walk forward while stomping their feet as a threaten tactic to close the distance while doing damage. Once they reach their opponent they aim their Torch Hammers to the floor and stomp while firing as a quick blast volley to decimate enemies.

When destroyed, the Cockatrice malfunctions and while it explodes it tries to get as close to the attacker as possible before exploding.


  • The name Cockatrice is reference to a mythical creature in the late fourteenth century that looked like a two legged, two winged, dragon with a long neck and a rooster's head.