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This book covers the final days of the House of the Divine Torch.


Entry 1[edit]

1a - Father, what a Joke[edit]

5 Years after the Red War

Kavos growled as he heard the news, his fist clenching. So, his father had done the impossible: Unite three houses under a common cause, and do it properly. The High Priest stood, and entered his inner sanctum to think, before he knelt before the Divine Torch. "Great Torch, guide me, how should I proceed?" He lay himself in supplication, his joined whirring quietly from the cybernetics. Then...the torch's flame surged black, and spoke. "My High Priest, thine time has come. Prepare your armies, your people...and prepare for war. Let the flame consume your foes...and bring glory to the Divine Torch." The torch's flame returned to orange, and went silent. Kavos smirked as he stood up, and walked out, barking orders. "Zikilos, prepare the teleportation network. Kyriks, Aulus, Nysilis, get our troops equipped. Huklok, watch for unworthy chanters. Our time is at hand." As the Hand of the Torch went to work, Kavos grinned. "For the Glory of our god."

1b - Betraying Father[edit]

Betraying Alomar

2 - Judgement Tells[edit]

During Judgement Tells
Noviks watched as Kyrius Buli debriefed the three guardians. He was reminded of his wardenship in the Prison of Elders. Zikilos. Aulus. Huklok. Kavos. Kyriks. Nysilis. Those were names he remembered, remembering the pain of Kavos ripping off his arm. With a shake of his head, the former Salvation Vandal went back to the task assigned to him by Variks, and huffed. So much death. Kyriks had been cruel. Kavos worse, shaped by his experience in the Prison of Elders, that Splicer holding hard to his "divine" torch. What even was it? A god? Something manipulating him? Noviks didn't know. And never would know.

3 - Fallen Gates[edit]

Reaction to Zikilos' Death

4 - Faith Shaken[edit]

Reaction to Aulus' Death

5 - Anger Born[edit]

Reaction to Kyriks' Death

6 - Augmentation[edit]

Reaction to Nysilis' Final Death

7 - Resolve Unshaken[edit]

Reaction to Huklok's Death

8 - Sanctum Preparation[edit]

Preparing to defend home

9 - To be Taken[edit]

Being Taken by the Perfect Raven

Ending Spoilers

10 - Purification

11 - To be Reborn