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This book covers the height of the House of the Divine Torch.


1 - Forging Starflame[edit]

Black Armory Conflict
Kavos chuckled as his cult went to work, preparing the Black Armory forge for use. The cavern was covered, meaning nobody could get in or out without them knowing, which was all they needed in order to use the activated forge. Looking at the two ghosts in his lower arms, he crushed them, sending their shells scattered across the ground as he walked towards the now-ready forge. It was time. He brought out the pattern and programmed the forge, as a group of dregs brought forth the holy hammer. Picking it up, Kavos began to speak.

"Let all within our fold hear this! By Torch Divine and its blessings do I forge this weapon. By the hammer of the Torch do I hammer this weapon into shape. AND BY THE DIVINE TORCH DO I IMBUE THIS WEAPON WITH ITS BLESSING" Kavos yelled as he struck the final blow on the scythe, the metal heated up by the immense furnace. And then…it was done. With the flick of a switch did Kavos activate the energy blade. And then, he grinned. "Huklok will be pleased."

2 - Past Come Alive[edit]


3 - Shards of Frost[edit]

Meeting Kyriks/Beyond Light

4 - Steeling Supression[edit]

Season of the Chosen

Entry 5[edit]

5a - Night Eternal[edit]

Season of the Splicer/Recruiting Nysilis

5b - Witchlight[edit]

The Witch Queen/Recruiting Dulcaro